November 19 is celebrated as International Men’s Day. Just Showbiz asked few TV personalities about their thoughts on the traits which a MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimation) should possess.

Here’s what they have to say.



Vikas Gupta
Turkey just has passed a stupid law stating that if a girl is raped and she marries her rapist then there is no crime. We have heard of similar stories in our country where panchayats have done the same.

Rape is one of the most henious crimes on earth and it happens every few minutes. The problem is that we try to educate women about how to defend themselves. What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape. Go to the source and clean it . Stop few selfish idiotic men and sometimes even women to not exploit and use it for their benefit in the name of power or religion.


Hiten Tejwani

Traits of a real MARD : one who always open the door for his lady.

Real mard is who always treats women equal.


Ankit Bathla

Its about awareness and having the courage to take up personal respobsibility to protect the women around us and also giving them the comfort to discuss of any issues that they are being harassed with.


Vin Rana

A real man treats women with respect. If you don’t respect women, you’re not a man.


Ayub Khan

The almighty, who is most merciful, most kind, all knowing and all loving, blessed all living entities with the ability to multiply. An act that ensures the survival of living things. A blessing to us living beings by the almighty that’s so sacred, if we hadn’t received it, our very existence would cease
To violate this blessing given to us, is such disregard not only to the victim, who is gods creation, but also a complete loss in respect for the creator…. who somehow the rapist feels, he can hide from during acting out this horror.

It’s when there isn’t much regard for the divine laws, a sense of entitlement, and loss of touch with ones inner self, that one lets the barbaric side over power him. And let’s his mind justify discrimination in his head

Just education and sensitisation will not help..

A sense of being answerable to the almighty must also be instilled so that if every such barbaric instincts are aroused.. the mind will help in reminding us beings who have also been blessed with intellect, the power to reason, about a higher power which is all seeing.. To whom we will one day be answerable

That’s all I can say as of now about Rape and discrimination


Sumit Kaul

I don’t understand what it means to be a “REAL MARD” I’m still trying to figure out what it means to be human. Violence of any kind is the result of us as a human race indulging more in our animal side than the human one. It angers me but more so it disappoints me.

The only way forward is by helping our children grow into shining beacons of love and compassion, who see all as one. “When I see the other as me would I ever lay a finger?”


Sushant Singh

There is no one as real or fake male. I think our society has taken masculine traits in a negative manner. When we fight, we use this phrase ‘Mard ka baccha hai toh saamne aa, nobody says Aurat ka baccha hai toh saamne aa.’ We have associated masculine power with physicality and sense of being supreme. But actually in my opinion a real MARD is the one who gives equal right to women in all aspects of life.


Ajay Mishra

Being a man I respect women. I am  totally against about rapist who destroyed our country, they deserve hell..