Few guys are gambling at a place. A guy wins the lucky draw in lottery and he and his friends celebrate it. Wo Young looks at Jun Ho and was lost in the memories of her kiss with him. Jun Ho is happy with Young Woo’s open display of affection. CEO asks her about the work environment but got shocked when Woo expressed her doubts about a kiss. A man is carrying his wife on his back as her heels broke and met with Woo and Meong Suk.

He explained the case that him and two other partners of him pooled their money in a lucky draw where they promised each other that whoever wins the lottery will share it equally among the other two. Recently one among them won a lottery but he cheated on the other two going back at his words. He wanted to file a law suit for the same but Meong Suk revealed that it’s legally not possible as they got the money illegally by gambling. The guy pleads him to not reveal that they got the money from gambling.

Young Woo visited her friends and her hairy friend asks about Su Yeon. Her friend says about how he embarrassed himself in front of Su Yeon with his talks during their blind date. Young Woo came with the plaintiff to meet with someone named Ashtray who possibly heard of their agreement but he refuse to give his testimony.

Plaintiff tried to convince him using money but Young Woo was against it as its illegal. He however managed to convince him.. Jun Woo caught Young Woo peaking on him and kept his hand on assurance that she’s not alone with her feelings. At the court hearing, the witness doesn’t turn up with Meong Suk asking time to find another one. The other plaintiff wants to bribe a fake witness but Young Woo was against it.

Young woo video calls Jun Ho just to see him and wants to cut the call but Jun Ho wants to continue. They share sweet nothing. During the next trial Plaintiff presented Coffee shop girl as the witness who gives statement in favour of Plaintiff. Young Woo notices the guy showing heart to the girl revealing their affair. Young Woo’s father makes a new discovery while Min Woo gets closer to the truth of Tae Su’s relationship with Young Woo.

Plaintiff Mr. Shin comes to visit Young Woo with some coupons but Young Woo refuses it. He asks whether a  wife would get the prize money share in case the husband opts for divorce and Young woo says it’s not possible legally. She gets doubtful and shares it with Su Yeon. Su Yeon indirectly reveals Mr. Shin’s thoughts to divorce his wife without giving the money using a salt, pepper and soy sauce as props.

Young Woo and Jun Ho visits Mrs. Shin’s shop and witness Mr. Shin abusing her as she refused for him to get a luxurious car with the prize money. Once he’s gone Young Woo indirectly explains Mr. Shin’s intentions of divorce to Mrs. Shin using the same Salt, Pepper and Soy Sauce. At first she couldn’t believe but Young Woo warned her to keep proof that he promised to give her the prize money. Su Yeon is on a date with her boyfriend where his ex girlfriend reveals him being a con who traps elite women.

Mrs. Shin visits Young Woo and Meong Suk claiming that what they said turned out to be true. However Mr. Shin was cautious enough to not let any proof to be recorded. Meong Suk can’t take the case and suggested another Attorney for Mrs. Shin. Jun Ho and Young Woo drops her home and thy spot Mr. Shin with the luxurious car. He learnt about her visiting Attorneys and was about to chase her but got himself into an accident. He died on spot while Jun Ho gives a hug to Attorney Woo who suffered tremors.

In the end it was revealed that Mrs. Shin got the remaining 1.1 billion prize money after Mr. Shin’s demise and also the insurance amount of 3 million too. Jun Ho proposes to be the hug chair for Young woo where they seal their deal with a kiss. Her father watches it shocked. Min woo visits Tae Su asking to get hired in their firm holding her secret to blackmail her. She proposes a deal to get Young Woo terminated from her current firm for him to get the job.

Preview : Young woo faces pressure at law firm as well as have her first fight with Jun Ho after their official relationship.