An employee is waiting nervously to be called by her senior while she looks on her achievements on her desk. The Manager explains the poor condition of the company and was about to get taken under German company. He says about a clause where either husband or wife would work in the company if they are married in the same company while the other has to quit.

The lady calls it unfair but the Manager persuades her to quit the job as a husband needs to work. The same happens with her colleague. Her husband was asked to persuade her while she recalled the time when she worked with extreme dedication for the same company.

CEO informs to Meong Suk about Attorney Park getting attacked by one of their old acquaintance Jang Jae Jin who was sent to prison for his act 8 years back by Park and Meong Suk. Though CEO tightened the security Meong Suk was scared as he could be the next target for the culprit who is on a spree.

Meong Suk doubts anyone and was really cautious about the same. The lady and her colleague filed law suit against their company for gender discrimination and Mir Insurance manage sought help from Hanbada Attorneys. They learn about Ryu Jae Suk appearing as the plaintiff for the other side.

Everyone comes to court to find Attorney Ryu and the two colleagues protesting against the company outside the court. Everyone were scared that the hearing would be biased as both Attorney and Judge have same family name.

Inside court Judge easy more interested about Attorney Ryu who cuts it off at the mention of gender discrimination. The case starts and Attorney presents the words said by Manager to convince for voluntarily quitting the job. They present an employee and the ladies were shocked knowing that her husband was fighting cancer and she was forced to take the sides.

After the hearing the two ladies and the witness join together for their sorrows and gl out to eat. Everyone gets surprised when they give some for the opposition team too which is Young Woo team. While they were on their way,

Young Wok notices a symbol on taxi which resembled the one with the plaintiff and followed it. They found that it was infertility clinic and that the plaintiff took treatment for the same. Min woo passed on the information about Hanbada being the one who suggested such clause for the company to Young Woo for his own motives. Young woo suggested Meong Suk to not bring about the IvF treatment but he refused to budge.

Next day in court, The lady gets cross questioned for her IvF treatment by Attorney Woo who questioned unwilling. After the hearing Attorney Ryu met with Attorney Woo asking her to join them. Her colleagues witness it. Min Wok sneaked into Young Woo’s cabin and sent the file to Attorney Ryu. Jung Ho learns about Young Woo’s father saw them kissing. He got upset with their weird dating styles and that she doesn’t reciprocate the same love.

At final hearing, Attorney Ryu loses the case but still celebrated their victory. Su Yeon and Young woo goes to Attorney Ryu’s House as Young Woo took a liking on her. They all enjoy the barbecue upstairs. Young Woo Attorney Ryu with Dolphins. Meong Suk once again got scared by Jung Jae in and mistook a plumber for the culprit. He got relieved when CEO texts him that they caught the culprit. Twist arrives when Meong Suk vomits blood.

Precap : the collages will go for Jeju Island for holiday.