On the November 30th 2013,   the world mourned one of Hollywood’s best talented and promising actors, Paul Walker.
Five years passed since the tragic news of Hollywood’s blockbuster who started his journey as a toddler who starred in a commercial for diapers.
He began his career as a model in the age of two on television TV shows, a year later, he starred then in a number of shows of which his role as Brandon Collins on the CBS soap opera ” The young and the restless” aired in 1993 was the most significant as he was nominated to the Outstanding lead Actor at the Youth film awards.
He made his debut to comic movies with ” Meet the Deedles” which brought him fame and this lead to several supporting roles.
The turning point of his career was when costarred with Hollywood  hunk Vin Diesel in the “Fast and Furious” sequel, his most successful movie he took part in, that until now, he is well and will be long remembered for it.
He then starred in several different movies of which was most prominent the 2006 Walt Disney ” Eight Below” which came top of the Box office grossing over 20 million dollars during its first weekend.
Facts you never knew about Walker :
1- His father was a boxer.
2- “Wayne Kramer” the director of the movie ” Running Scared” said that Paul is like his character in that movie ” Joey Gazalle”  in a way or another.
3- He was the face of” The Coty Prestige fragrance” brand and “David Cool Water for men”.
4- He starred in three movies that were all released after his death, ” Hours” , ” Brick Mansions” and ” Furious 7″ which was completed brother.
4- He was chosen to be Agent 47 in the video game ” Hitman”
5- He had a daughter called ” “Meadow Rain Walker” who lived with her mother Rebecca McBrain in Hawaii but moved in 2011 to live with him.
6- His daughter’s grandfather is Vin Diesel
He held the black belt in the Brazilian martial art and compat sport.
7- He had an interest in Marine Biology and starred in National Geographic channel series which was mainly all about sharks and was called ” Expedition Great white”
8- He flew to Chile and Haiti to support the victims of the earthquake.
9- He had a collection of 30 different brands of Cars, which reflects his love of cars as he was preparing for an auto show but he could never make it.
10- He died in a car accident with his friend Roger Rodes, after attending a charity event.
11-The curve where the accident took place is now popular for car race.
In tribute to Paul Walker songs were made and lyrics were written by his fans and friend who still remember him until now, on his death anniversary which happened to be 3 days ago, the social media were all covered with words, pictures and videos, hashtags honoring his memory.
His friends and Co- actors seem never to be to overcome their painful loss.
Vin Diesel posted a picture of them both on Instagram where the words” always in our hearts” were written on it.
Tyrese Gibson also posted two videos of him and his “Fast and Furious” co – star Michelle Rodriguez giving an affectionate speech honoring the late actor, he posted besides two photos of him and Paul Walker, he made a very touching comment tagging Walker’s daughter Meadow.


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