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Episode starts with the conversation between Neel and Faltu. Seeing the wedding card, Faltu becomes confounded, but Neel continues his own story to Brijmohon. Though she can’t understand what’s going on, but Neel asks her to follow his words. Brijmohon is convinced Faltu and her family are agreed with this marriage ceremony. After leaving of Brijmohon, Faltu is asked to pretend their wedding ceremony until Ayaan’s realisation.

Here, Ayaan is informed about the engagement of Faltu and Neel by Tanisha. Savita and Tanisha both taunt the hastened arrangement of their engagement. Though Ayaan takes it lightly and he blesses her for the future. Leaving the breakfast in the table, he goes out. Savita can’t bear her son’s pain anymore. Tanisha is adviced her to attend the wedding ceremony of Faltu to make her realise that Mittal has accepted her absence. Savita shows the gratitude to Tanisha for her involvement in the home.

Here, in the Neel’s office, Faltu dictates the field work following her own choice. Neel thanks him for her genuine anticipation in the business. Meanwhile, Ayaan comes there and seeing Neel and Faltu together, he wishes Faltu and Neel for their happiness. After leaving of Ayaan, Neel convinces her this marriage would be only to make Ayaan jealous so that they could be unified. Neel suggests her to shop their engagement rings. To achieve the love of his life, Neel by hook or crook wants to marry Faltu.

In the J L Mart, Ayaan realises how much he used to love Faltu. He suffers for the separation of Faltu and fathoms his love for Faltu. In the home, Tanisha sets out for the office to check Ayaan whether he is alright. She is asked to save Ayaan from the evil hand of Faltu. Savita fears Ayaan would suffer a lot. Reaching the office of Neel, Tanisha overhears the conversation between Faltu and Neel. She realises Neel and Faltu are arranging this marriage just to get back Ayaan in Faltu’s life. She decides she will not let Ayaan go to their marriage so that Ayaan would fail stop their marriage.

Reaching the office, Tanisha comes to Ayaan again to irritate him. Later, Neel and Faltu both will invite Ayaan in their engagement. In the house, Brijmohon has accepted the wedding ceremony of Faltu and Neel and arranges according to his own choice. Tanisha makes a false story of Sid’s hard situation out of the station. Sid is also asked to call Ayaan in the office. Tanisha suggests Ayaan not to attend the engagement which would give him more pain. But Ayaan decides he will surely attend the engagement ceremony of Faltu to see how much happy she is.

Episode ends.

Precap : Ayaan blesses Faltu for her next life. The engagement of Faltu and Neel is finalised. Ayaan comes to attend the engagement ceremony.

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