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Episode starts with the conversation between Faltu and Brijmohon. Faltu confesses Brijmohon that they are planning this engagement to make Ayaan realise the value of Faltu. Though, Faltu asks Brijmohon to cancel the marriage if the things would go in a wrong way. But Neel doens’t want the cancellation of the marriage. Brijmohon also supports Faltu and promises he wouldn’t cancel this marriage if this effort would unify Faltu and Ayaan. Later, Faltu fears if Ayaan won’t come, she have to really marry Neel. But this engagement is not an act to drama. His love for Faltu makes him more compassionate. He pretends to be casual and promises Faltu he would cancel the marriage if Ayaan won’t come.

Ayaan is called by the chairman of cricket academy as Faltu has not reached in the academy. They lashes out Ayaan as Faltu didn’t take this second opportunity seriously. Savita questions Ayaan why would he give attention to Faltu. But Kingshuk and Ayaan think they should call Faltu to remind the trail of her national team. Ayaan couldn’t understand how could Faltu forgive such a important notice. In spite of his effort, Faltu didn’t understand his endeavour. After a while, Janardhan informs his family members that they are invited by Brijmohon in Faltu and Neel’s engagement. Savita, Dadi and Tanisha say they don’t attend the engagement. Savita defines Faltu as a gold digger as she is proved very greedy. Though, Ayaan is adamant to participate in Faltu’s engagement. Later, Tanisha hires some goons for some evil plans.

As soon as Ayaan reaches there, he searches for Faltu and waits for the engagement keeping his finger crossed. They are cordially welcome by Brijmohon and is asked enjoy the party. Here, Faltu is shown a expensive ring for their engagement. Though, Neel says this is fake. Seeing the bill of that expensive ring, Brijmohon realises Neel is not pretending for this marriage. He also shows him and wants to see the ring. Seeing the bill, Faltu scolds Neel for his foolishness and asks him to return. But Neel hides his emotions and convinces Faltu to accept his gift.

To make immensely jealous, Faltu and Neel flaunt their relationship. To distract himself, Ayaan boozes glass after glass. Tanisha wishes for this engagement so that this would be completed. Brijmohon asks Faltu to start the engagement. In the time of ring exchanging, the ring falls from the hand of Faltu. Ayaan picks up the ring and gives it to Faltu. Being abbreviated Ayaan couldn’t control himself but doesn’t stop the engagement of Faltu.

Episode ends.
Precap : In the time of the dancing of Neel and Faltu, Ayaan slaps Neel which triggers off the anger of Faltu. She also beats Ayaan.

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Faltu 11th August 2023 Written Update: Neel invites Ayaan in Faltu and his engagement