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Episode starts with an interesting drama in the Brijmohon’s house. After the engagement, Janardhan asks his son return the house but the host requests them to have the food. After a while, Neel and Faltu start dancing with the song of “tumo ko paya hey to”. Getting the pain immensely, Aayan seems very pale and disturbed. Faltu can’t wait more. She wants Ayaan to stop the engagement. Neel asks her to concentrate her dance. She imagines many things in her mind. Neel encourages her to dance with him. Here, Ayaan taking a Mike, Ayaan signs the song Channa Mereya moving around Faltu. Though many guests don’t take this attitude in a positive or light way but Ayaan doesn’t stop his songs. Faltu recalls their old gold days and becomes emotional.

Taking the hand of Faltu, Ayaan keeps it on the hand and shows a blessing gesture. Before leaving, Ayaan wants to remind Faltu about her cricket team for the last time. Kingshuk and Janardhan ask him to leave the spot immediately. But Ayaan again enters in the marriage hall and proceeds to meet Faltu. Seeing Ayaan again in the engagement, Neel can’t control his wrath and he shouts at him. Aayan is requested to leave the place immediately. But seeing Faltu, Ayaan begs Faltu to play in the national tests and asks her to concentrate in the game. But Faltu minimises his greatness and insults him infront of everyone.

Not taking Ayaan’s suggestions lightly, Faltu blames Ayaan for spoiling all her dreams. He himself ruined all her efforts and ambition. But ignoring all the insults, Ayaan again pleads Neel to help Faltu in her cricket dream like a responsible life listener. Neel doesn’t want to hear any lecture about life partner from Ayaan. Ayaan confesses and accepts that he has destroyed all her ambition for which Faltu came here in the city from village. He also adjoins that he doesn’t want to the heart of Faltu and just prays for her happy life. Though Ayaan wants the betterment of Faltu, but he doesn’t stop any sign to stop the marriage. Faltu feels very disappointed that Ayaan didn’t stop the engagement.

Ayaan is taken in home as he falls ill. Savita and Tanisha both become tensed and agitated seeing the poor situation of Ayaan. Savita fears if Ayaan attends the marriage, he wouldn’t live anymore. Savita requests to arrange to send Ayaan outside. Tanisha promises she will take care the matter as she has other plans to do. Here, after the engagement night, Faltu recalls the words of Ayaan repeatedly. She can’t decide what she should do. Brijmohon handovers some cricket equipments which Ayaan left for Faltu. Seeing the balls and bats, Faltu becomes emotional. Brijmohon also encourages her to play the cricket. Neel asks Faltu to concentrate in her own marriage otherwise she won’t Ayaan anymore.

Episode ends.

Precap : Ayaan will be very disappointed seeing the behaviour of Faltu. Neel tries to defame Ayaan but Faltu couldn’t bear his words.

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