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Episode starts with the conversation between Faltu and Neel. In the very early morning, Faltu and Neel both become ready for cricket practicing. Neel also wants to go with her but Faltu wants to go alone and doesn’t want to take any aid from Neel. Coming in the practice field, Faltu recalls the motivating words of Ayaan. She imagines Ayaan has come to her and apologies for his deeds. Faltu also forgives him with a tight hug. But the coach comes to her and encourages her to restart the cricket. Meanwhile, the other co practicers taunt Faltu for her defamation. As soon as she starts the bat, the wicket falls. One girl asks the coach to take a more deserving candidate instead of Faltu. But the coach rebukes Faltu for her inattentiveness. Faltu starts the cricket with all her concentration and dedication and perform well.

In the Mittal house, Ayaan gets ready and he seems very happy and excited. Seeing his new formation, both Savita and Tanisha awestruck to see his sudden happiness. The effort and dedication of Faltu in the field has rejoiced Ayaan. He seems super excited for her next selection. Tanisha and Savita can’t rejoice Faltu’s success. Dadi notices the glow in the face of Ayaan and she wants to stop the marriage. She also encourages to break the Marriage but Ayaan doesn’t anymore trouble. Here, in the field, Faltu seems worried and tensed regarding the fact if Ayaan wouldn’t come in her faje Marriage. She can’t take decision whether she should cancel the marriage or she should proceed following her plan.

Dadi cheers Ayaan up and motivates him to stop this marriage and bring Faltu in his withered life. Ayaan doesn’t care her words. After leaving of Ayaan, Dadi is rebuked by Savita and Tanisha. They both ask not to wash his brain anymore. Tanisha wants to handle the issue by her own and takes the responsibility of Tanisha. But Dadi confuses whether Tanisha really wants the real happiness of Ayaan. Here, Faltu can’t be sticked in her decision and wants to return to Ayaan. She realises she couldn’t live without Ayaan. Her sudden change hurts Neel, but he wants prove something else. Neel requests Faltu to go with him for once. He wants to pill the evil face of Ayaan and whatever he is doing is to create a fake greatness.

Tanisha tries to divert the mind of Ayaan and requests Ayaan going for a lunch. Savita also proposes Ayaan having a trip. They both want Ayaan to join in their whole tour, so that he couldn’t attend the party of Marriage of Faltu. Dadi overhears the conversation between Savita and Tanisha and rebukes them for their meanness. Here, Neel requests Faltu to go with her in the evening. He is dying to prove Ayaan fake. Here, Ayaan taking a photo of Faltu, shares a monologue with himself. His pain doesn’t reach into the ear of Faltu.

Episode ends.

Precap : Faltu gets ready for the marriage. Suddenly Ayaan calls her and says he has been kidnapped by Neel.

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