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Episode starts with the conversation between Neel and Faltu. Faltu calls her father and he asks her to give all her attention to the cricket match. Getting the news, Charan seems very excited as his one and only daughter starts to focus on her dream. Ahead, Faltu would pray to the almighty to protect her dream but suddenly the auspicious lamp gets extinguished. She can’t understand what’s going on and the will of almighty.

In the midst of the trip, Tanisha tries to be closer with Ayaan. But Ayaan feels irritated for her proximity. Their car isn’t gathering that much speed, which makes Ayaan offended. Tanisha hire some goons who stand hiding themselves in the midst of the road. Suddenly, the driver announces that their tyre gets punctured. When both Tanisha and Ayaan get down from the car and the goons attack Ayaan. He is kidnapped by the goons, hired by Tanisha. Here, the car of Janardhan goes forward but they can’t see the car of Ayaan and Tanisha in their back. Janardhan calls Tanisha to know about their car. She dramatically informs them about their car and also adjoins that she is not getting Ayaan anywhere.

Immediately, the car of Janardhan arrives there and comes to know about Ayaan’s accident. Kingshuk and Janardhan search the nearby places but Ayaan is no where. Savita blames Tanisha for her carelessness, but Tanisha apologies to her bringing the crocodile tears in her eyes. Meanwhile, Tanisha says them that Ayaan has messaged her in where he asks her to let him be alone. He wants to spend the trip with himself and asks them not to disturb him. Tanisha reads out the message and asks Janardhan and Savita not to worry about Ayaan. Though Savita becomes tensed, but she is asked to be relaxed.

In a forlorn place, Ayaan is bounded by the goons. Ayaan screams to the goons and asks them to let him okay. But the goons say they have got a huge money for this abduction, they will not harm him anymore and also be will be released on Saturday surely. Ayaan doubts whether Neel has abducted him to keep him away from Faltu and their wedding ceremony. Here, Faltu waits for the tommorow’s cricket match and she also keeps some prasad for Ayaan which would be given to Ayaan before the match. In the night, Ayaan and Faltu both recall their golden days. Ayaan feels utterly dissapointed as he couldn’t watch the match in tommorow’s cricket match which is dream of Faltu.

Faltu also expects Ayaan will surely come to watch her performance. Here, Tanisha keeps the phone of Ayaan to himself and also pretends to the elders that Ayaan has messaged her saying he wouldn’t participate match and the wedding of Faltu. Janardhan smells something fishy in the message of Ayaan. Tanisha tries to manage the situation. Though Kingshuk shows the interest to join the match, but he is forbidden by Savita and Tanisha. In the afternoon, the match gets started but Faltu doesn’t see Ayaan anywhere. Though she performs well.

Episode ends.

Precap: Faltu gets ready for the marriage. Suddenly Ayaan calls her and says he has been kidnapped by Neel.

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Faltu 15th August 2023 Written Update: Faltu is selected for the national team