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Episode starts with the wonderful performance of Faltu. She imagines Ayaan has come for her to congratulate Faltu. He expresses how much proud he is and appreciates the efforts of Faltu. Here, Ayaan feels very bad as he had failed to attend the cricket match of Faltu. He hopes that Faltu will win the match and perform well. Ayaan douts that Neel has planned to abduct him, he promises himself he wouldn’t spare him. Faltu is asked by the many reporters about Ayaan and her relationship. They question whether Faltu has break their relationship. But Neel takes the questions and introduces himself as a future husband of Faltu. Faltu dedicates the trophy to Ayaan and expresses how much happy he is.

Neel is informed that Ayaan has set out for a tour and he would return after Sunday. Though Neel feels something fishy but he is relieved to think that Ayaan won’t disturb their marriage anymore. In the Mittal family, Janardhan and his family watch the news of Faltu. Kingshuk assumes there is something weird in their marriage otherwise Faltu wouldn’t dedicate her trophy to Ayaan. Message, Savita and Tanisha both ignore this fact and insults Faltu. Meanwhile, someone informs that Faltu has kept the trophy in the table. Coming outside, Janardhan and others come and notice the trophy and letter. Reading out the letter, they understand she has dedicated the trophy to Ayaan.

Janardhan assures that Faltu still loves Faltu. Hiding herself, Faltu hears everything but she can’t understand why Ayaan is not seen anywhere. She seems very upset not finding Ayaan anywhere. Here, Ayaan requests the goons to show him the cricket match. After a while, seeing the interview of Faltu, Ayaan rejoices the confidence of Faltu and congratulates her. Realising the fact that Faltu still loves, he have to stop the marriage ceremony and offers the goons with huge money. But the goons don’t agree to break the commitment.

Here, in the Brijmohon’s house, Faltu and Neel both are warmly welcome by Gyan kaka. He appreciates a lot of Faltu and applauds her dedication for the cricket. Neel asks Faltu why did she leave the trophy in Mittal house. But Faltu didn’t tell anything. Later, Neel can’t control his anxieties for his own love. He selfishly thinks of himself but whatever he is doing for himself and Faltu. Coming in the room, Neel asks Faltu why does she seem so upset.

Faltu explains how much hurt she is as Ayaan has not come in the field to watch her success. Neel doesn’t say anything that Ayaan is not in the home. Faltu clearly says her heart is still beating for Ayaan only. Neel becomes dissapointed but doesn’t say anything. Calling his own daughter, Charan and other villagers congratulate her for the overwhelming performance. Here, Ayaan struggles to free himself but hiding herself Tanisha watches his pain. Faltu repeatedly tries to contact him.

Episode ends.

Precap : Ayaan would fight with the other goons but loses his sense. Meanwhile, Faltu is asked to stop the marriage.

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Faltu 16th August 2023 Written Update: Ayaan is kidnapped by Tanisha