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Episode starts with the doubt of Faltu who continuously tries to contact with Ayaan, but no one receives the phone. Getting no news, she calls the servent of Mittal house, but the phone is received by Tanisha. She lies that Ayaan rejects the trophy and he has locked in his own room. He doesn’t even see her face. Faltu becomes very angry with threatening behaviour of Faltu. Tanisha asks the servent to pack her luggage and also blocked the phone number of Faltu from his phone. Later, Janardhan also tries to contact with Ayaan, but he also doesn’t receive the phone. Suddenly, Neel comes to know about Ayaan but Janardhan says that Ayaan has gone somewhere else without telling anyone. He seems tensed if Faltu will find out the truth, she would directly cancel the marriage.

In the evening, Faltu is getting ready for her fake marriage. Though she looks beautiful, but she can’t get out of her tension. Suddenly, Neel arrives there and seeing her bridal makeup, he losts his words. He doesn’t say anything to her and goes out. Here, Ayaan tries to free himself and cuts the rope. Fighting with the other goons, he runs from the place. Taking one mobile phone, he calls Faltu and informs him about his abduction. He also forbids her to marry Neel who provoked those goons to kidnap her. Meanwhile, the goons hit on the brain and he losts his sense.

Entering in the room, Neel notices the tensed face of Faltu and wants to know the reason. Faltu asks Neel about Ayaan and also blames him for kidnapping Ayaan. Neel is awestrucked for the sudden accusation from Faltu. He tries to give the logic but Faltu is not ready to believe anything. Neel can’t make her understand that he didn’t do anything with Ayaan, he swears of his father. Holding the hand of Faltu, he expresses that he didn’t do anything. They both decide to go Mittal house together to inform Janardhan. Meanwhile, Tanisha lies to Janardan that Ayaan has messaged her. Faltu reaches there and unboxes that Ayaan is kidnapped by any evil. Kingshuk again tries to reach Tanisha but the one is switched off.

In the Mittal house, Kanika comes to meet Tanisha. Janardhan also forgives Kanika and asks her to stay in the Mittal. But Kanika says she wouldn’t live there and proceeds to the door. Suddenly, Tanisha is informed by goons that Ayaan tried to contact with Faltu. Tanisha asks them to change the location immediately. Kanika overhears everything and doubts with the weird behaviour of Tanisha. Though Tanisha wants to make her believe that she has been becoming a well behaved daughter in law. Kanika becomes afraid whether her daughter is again walking in a wrong way. She explains her daughter how important the family is and requests her to value these relationships. She doesn’t want Tanisha to make any mistake. Tanisha hides everything from Kanika and proclaims that she will take care of this family. After leaving of Kanika, she tells herself she won’t spare Faltu.

Episode ends.

Precap : Tanisha orders the goon to kill Ayaan as she doesn’t want the unification of Ayaan and Faltu anymore.

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