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Episode begins with Faltu thinking to tell Charan about the truth before he knows from someone else. Faltu gets reminded of his bad dream. Faltu says I should tell this face to face to Charan, I hope god helps me. Sumitra knocks and says I got food. Faltu says I don’t feel like eating. Sumitra says you shouldn’t skip meals, you need strength, you are such a young kid have good food and consider me your mom only, I know you are feeling low and lonely but don’t feel like that. Here, Ayaan is packing his stuff when Tanisha comes and asks where are you going? Ayaan says you don’t have to feel awkward and you can stay here peacefully as you have already done a lot for us so you stay here and I will shift to guest room.

Tanisha says I have cancelled the counselling sessions as we don’t have any relationship, we are ending being partners but you will be my friends right? Ayaan says it’s already late you should sleep. Tanisha holds Ayaan’s hand and stops him. Here, Sumitra says you are the eldest bahu, Ayaan’s to be wife, I know you are upset that Sid exposed your truth but the truth is Sid loves Ayaan a lot and he didn’t want to see you both stay like this and wanted to help you both, please understand. Tanisha says the lawyer will bring divorce papers tomorrow morning so be on time. Savita comes and says what is this new drama you are going from this room? Tanisha says we will get divorce soon and have to stay away so it’s okay.

Savita says Tanisha I am so sorry I apologise please don’t do this. Tanisha says we are ending this meaningless relationship, I will always be your daughter. Savita says your dad has started drinking when he is asked to stay away from alcohol, you are just thinking of Faltu and not even your parents, you are okay if your parents die? Savita goes angrily. Tanisha asks Ayaan to talk to Janardhan. Ayaan goes from there and thinks I am in this situation where I have to keep my family happy and also support Faltu, it will be very difficult but I will do it. Tanisha thinks this ear will be difficult for Ayaan. Here, Sumitra says I will take you shopping Faltu. Faltu says I don’t need anything.

Sumitra says I know but I want to do your changeover of looks so that you can be accepted by Savita as she said you don’t have a class and look. Faltu says she is right. Sumitra says let’s do shopping and then we will see, I will teach you everything don’t worry and please do tell me if you need anything. Faltu says yes. Sid comes and says good that you got food for Faltu, no one cares for her. Sid says take some money if you will need it. Faltu says no I don’t, I can earn by playing cricket. Sumitra says see how self sufficient she is. Sid says yes, but if you will need anything let me know. Sumitra thinks if Faltu will marry Ayaan then only my son will get what he wants so I will do everything to set things right.

Sumitra and Sid come to their room where Sumitra says more than this issue I have suspicion about Ayaan’s birth certificate and kundli, as I remember Ayaan was delivered in 7 months of pregnancy and everyone has issue talking about this, I feel something is fishy and this can lead to a big change. Sid says I will arrange for the cupboard keys so that we can find the kundli. Sumitra says yes that will be perfect. Sid goes and Sumitra thinks how everything in the house has been according to Savita and I have a feeling Ayaan is not the real son of Mittals if this is true then I will rule this house.

Next day, everyone demands breakfast and tea from Kumkum who is cooking even though she is not well. Dadi also tries to help her as they have not got a new cook yet. Faltu sees this and thinks if she should enter the kitchen or not but seeing Kumkum struggle she prays to go and enters the kitchen. The cup of tea falls on Kumkum and everyone worries for her. Faltu says let me cook for you, till yesterday I was doing all this so why not another day as you are also not well. Kumkum and Govind say how if Janardhan or Savita sees this then there will be a big issue. Dadi also agrees.

Faltu says let me make breakfast and then massage your back then you can again cook. Govind says I will order breakfast. Faltu says that will also take time. Savita comes and says I will not let you enter in the kitchen, your acting won’t work with us. Savita comes to Faltu and says you might have done your magic on Ayaan but not on us, you will not enter my kitchen at all. Faltu says Kumkum was not well so I offered to. Savita says I am not dead, I can cook for my family I don’t need you, so just stay away. Faltu goes Ayaan stops her and brings her to Savita saying she was just trying to help and it will be helpful for us.

Savita says wow so now you will talk back to me as well for your this girl who doesn’t even have a class, if she will become your wife then you will make us leave the house. Ayaan says it’s not like that. Faltu says it’s always your house. Savita acts and days thank god you gave us permission to keep the house to ourselves as you have already taken my son, you are a very bad girl Faltu, you did wrong eyeing a married man and you will never have any of ours attention or sympathy. Savita is about to curse Faltu when Dadi stops her and scolds her saying what are you doing? Your curse will affect Ayaan as well. Tanisha comes there and says I am the one most affected but when I have accepted it I think you all should too, yesterday Ayaan even shifted rooms but I got okay with it, lawyer must be coming with the divorce papers. Faltu is about to leave when Savita says people like you eye big wealthy families and you can go to any low level I know.

Episode ends.

Precap – Tanisha gives divorce papers to Ayaan and asks them to go to Ittarpur. Kanika plans revenge from Faltu.

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Faltu 31st March 2023 Written Update: Savita slaps and scolds Ayaan!