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Episode starts with a long monologue of Faltu who tries to make believe others that Ayaan is okay. She tries to believe Ayaan will come after a while. Harsh is called by the goons to ask where they should take the body. Before the death, Ayaan told the goons to take her to Faltu. Tanisha again feels irritated hearing the name of Faltu. Faltu insists Neel to take her to Ayaan. Seeing her madness, Neel emphatically says Ayaan has died. Faltu can’t control her emotions and slaps Neel. She can’t accept the sudden demise of Ayaan.

Ayaan is taken in the Mittal’s house and all the Mittal members also come there. Faltu forbids others to grieve. She can’t believe that Ayaan is no more. As soon as Savita opens the cover from the mouth of Ayaan’s face, but Faltu doesn’t want to believe that her husband is no more. Police proceeds to arrest Tanisha. Before their leaving, Sid breaks all the relationship he had with Tanisha, and tears up the bond of atorny which Kanika gave. He repents why did he believe on Tanisha and insults her for her fickleness. But Tanisha blames Sid as he married out of greedy. But Sid protests whatever he did was of out of his love. Sid curses Tanisha that she will not loneliner in the jail. That’s why her father also left her.

Brijmohon consoles Faltu and asks her to accept the death of Ayaan. No dead person would return but Faltu can’t trust it. She runs to hug Ayaan and jumps to embrace him.
Kanika comes in there which gives the hope to Tanisha that atleast her mother would stay with her. But Kanika clearly says she has never given the birth to a murdered daughter and says she will never forgive her daughter.

After a while, Ayaan rises suddenly and says he was doing drama. As soon as he stands up, Faltu hugs her tightly and beats him for his pretension. Savita can’t hold her tears anymore. Brijmohon and Janardhan plan to surprise other that Ayaan is saved by herself. Harsh asks Ayaan how did he rescue himself, Ayaan describes he fought with the goons and escapes from the place somehow. Brijmohon knows everything in the beforehand.

Brijmohon advices the Mittals to arrange another wedding ritual for Ayaan and Faltu. Both Faltu and Ayaan are ready to remarry each other. Again Faltu makes her up for the marriage and Ayaan also gets ready for the marriage. The parents of Faltu also arrive there and bless both the bride and groom. They two sit down in wedding seat and exchange the floral garland. Charan ties their knot and the priest chants the mantra of the wedding. Ayaan puts the sindur on the forehead of Faltu and kisses on her cheeks.

Episode ends.

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