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The episode starts with Faltu speaking with Ayaan and Ayaan gets doubtful that she’s somewhere near him. Faltu asks him to meet her in the evening but Ayaan keeps asking if she’s there near his place. She cuts the call without answering. Ayaan calls Rocky and asks what he’s doing there and she lies nothing. In mind she confronts him for snatching everything from her. Kanika makes the announcement that Tanu is joining her business and everyone gets surprised. She says that Tanu would take over the business as in the end it would be her who will get to handle things. Sid offers to teach her and Janardhan agrees with him.

Tanu takes Kanika aside and shows the online news about Faltu where people praise Faltu and give opinion in favour of Faltu. Tanisha wonders who uploaded the video but Kanika asks her to chill as the viral video will die down soon. Tanisha gets terrified that it’s Faltu who’s doing it all this. Chachu comes there and asks if they are watching the same video that is viral. They also wonder if Faltu is wrongly framed. Faltu herself is confused about it. Ayaan is typing the post and posting it in favour of Faltu. Rocky comes there and complains about him asking for coffee constantly and Ayaan says that he won’t trouble her anymore.

Rocky asks Ayaan about Faltu and speaks against her to check Ayaan’s thoughts about her. Ayaan asks her to shut up and says that she must be innocent in some way which is why she’s gaining support. Rocky taunts him in her mind. Ayaan impatiently waits for Faltu in the said location. Rocky is packing her stuff when Chachu comes there. He asks where he is going packing his stuff. Tanisha also comes there and asks the same question. Faltu makes some excuses and makes them laugh . Rocky asks if they are there suspecting him and they say that they miss his tea and snack. Tanisha says everyone are waiting for him outside and asks him to come soon. Rocky feels caught.

Ayaan waits for her impatiently and calls her. He finds her phone switched off. Tanu waits for Ayaan while Rocky complains about them still not resting. She calls Ayaan to leave as she can’t come there. Ayaan asks what she means by it when Chachu shouts at Rocky to bring the snack. Ayaan hears it from the phone and immediately finds that Faltu is at the farmhouse. He rushes there and searches for Faltu while Rocky gets worried. Tanisha asks who he is searching for as everyone is worried. Ayaan makes an excuse that he heard some people entering the house through the phone and was checking for them. They ask who could enter when there’s tight security. Ayaan agrees with them and leaves. Faltu understands that he heard Kinshuk’s voice through the phone. Kanika and Tanisha get worried with the increasing views on Faltu’s video and get worried that Faltu’s case may get re-opened. She gets worried about her reputation. She asks Tanisha to find where Faltu is using her connections when Sid comes there.

Precap: Faltu accuses Ayaan for ruining her career as her Guru. Ayaan pledges to meet her only after proving his innocence.

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Faltu 19th March 2023 Written Update: Tanisha to ruin Ayaan’s work and laptop!