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Episode starts with the conversation between dadadji and Neel. Bring irritated, he shouts on Faltu and asks her to leave the place immediately. A face off takes plan and Faltu leaves the house within a second. Dadaji requests Faltu not to leave the house. Dadaji apologies to Faltu and Charan. Though they don’t any accommodation for the night, but to save their self respect, Faltu is reluctant to leave the house. Dadaji has been suffering from the guilt, as his own grand son behaved with them in a very mean time.

As soon as, Faltu leaves the house, Neel feels the usual comfortnesss in house and enjoys his own freedom. But Dadaji angrily stands infront of him. Neel tries to ease his mind and offers some food to his Dadaji. He hugs his dadaji and requests him to forgive him. But Dadaji’d heart doesn’t melt and angrily leaves the place. Meanwhile, Dadaji locks himself and Neel requests him to come out. As soon as he comes out, Neel hugs his Dadaji in a affectionate way. Neel doesn’t believe in any girl so he always misbehaves with the ladies. Dadaji tells him everything about Faltu and mentions her divorce issues. Learning all the truth, Neel becomes awestrucked.

Here, Tanisha begs Ayaan not to go outside to meet Faltu but Ayaan doesn’t listen anything. Tanisha emphatically says he couldn’t meet Faltu easily. Janardhan also tries to handle the emotion of Ayaaan. Ayaan can’t control his wrath and breaks everything. The complete madness of Ayaan awestrucks everyone. He shouts in a very loud voice.

Meanwhile, Kingshuk informs that they have collected some information. Uncle explains the news and the informations which he got from the police station. He also mentions the party where Police went to raid and caught Faltu. No one understands why did Faltu go to the party. Tanisha gets a chance to insult Faltu again and questions on her charater.

Here, Faltu is reluctant to go with her father Charan and forbids to collect any ticket for her. Her father requests her to return into the village. Faltu wishes to fulfill her own dreams and ambition. Her father asks Faltu how she would collect her own meal. But Faltu doesn’t change her decision.

Ayaan wants to put a video on the digital platform which could bring Faltu to her. Tanisha doesn’t utter any positive words about Faltu and continuously drags Ayaan from the behind. Ayaan directly asks Tanisha why she doesn’t want Faltu. Somehow, Tanisha manages the situation. Here, Neel couldn’t forget the betrayal from his beloved and feels a uneasiness in her mind.

Episode ends.

Precap : Few goons will attack Faltu and will hurt her. A fighting scene will be happened amomg those goons.

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