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Episode starts with Faltu hearing conversation of the nurses regarding Ayaan’s operation. She gets shocked and wakes up from her bed. She determines to meet him being concerned but the staff comes there and stops her from going anywhere. She reminds her about her operation and says that her situation is still critical. They advice her not to take stress about anything, while she insists them to let her go out of the room. They denies her request and makes her lay back into the bed. They proclaims that she needs rest and ask her to relax her eyes as well as mind in order to recover soon.

Here, Faltu recalls the words of the nurses regarding Ayaan’s operation. She prays to God for his safety and becomes worried. She determines to check on him, while Tanisha also gets emotional after seeing Ayaan’s state. She cries looking at him while Janardan accuses her for his son’s condition.

Tanisha keeps sobbing for Ayaan while Kanika comes there and comforts her. She assures that soon Ayaan will get fine. She also declares that they will immediately shift Ayaan to the best hospital as soon as he wakes up. She hugs her daughter and ask her not to worry. She assures that soon everything will get fine, while Janardan lashes out at her for spoiling his son’s life.

Elsewhere, Janardan says that everything was going smoothly as Ayaan was away from Faltu bit because of Tanisha’s mistake he again crossed path with the latter and got into trouble. He proclaims that Faltu is a bad omen for them but Tanisha still tried to help her to get operated for her eyes. He states that she should have left Faltu at her state.

Tanisha tries to apologise to Janardan but he denies to forgive her. Kanika takes a stand for her daughter and says that she have done everything just to fulfill Ayaan’s promise which he made to Faltu. She ask Janardan to look at Tanisha’s care and love towards Ayaan while the latter says that he just want his son back.

Ahead, Janardan ask Siddharth to fix his meeting with the doctor who operated Ayaan. He proclaims that he wants to learn about Ayaan’s state while Siddharth nods in agreement. Janardan shows his anger towards Tanisha while others tries to calm him down. They takes a stand for Tanisha and says that the latter is also concerned for Ayaan like them.

Siddharth also takes a stand for Tanisha and says that she is Ayaan’s wife and have full right to stay with him. Janardan scolds Siddharth and ask him to stay quiet while the nurses informs them that only a single person can stay with the patient. Tanisha decides to stay there while Kanika makes sure that ber daughter rest there while looking after Ayaan.

Further, Faltu meets her father and Pratap also notify Charan about Ayaan’s accident. He tells about his encounter with Ayaan to Faltu and feels bad for the latter. Faltu learns about Ayaan’s room and decides to visit him secretly. Meanwhile, Tanisha proclaims that Faltu is responsible for Ayaan’s condition and determines to teach a lesson to her.

Precap:- Faltu gets shocked seeing Ayaan’s condition and goes inside his cabin. She holds his hand and caresses hos hair. She cries stating that she is responsible for his situation and apologises to him for her behavior. She proclaims that she can’t even tell him that he is her husband and the love she have for him. Meanwhile, he opens his eyes while she gets stunned and leaves his hand.

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