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Episode starts with Faltu deciding to participate in cricket match. She goes on the ground while everyone starts humiliating her. The crowd states that a women can’t play cricket while she takes a stand for herself and proclaims that she can play better then the male contestants. The Participants gets furious at her and let’s her play in order to teach her a lesson. She holds the bat given by her brother and takes her position. Her brother ask her to hold the bat correctly while she misses the first ball. She then recalls the encouraging words of her father and also remembers her brother’s statement that she have a natural talent.

Here, Faltu plays amazingly and throws a six. Everyone gets surprised by her move while she keeps hitting the ball. At one point she couldn’t able to see anything while the ball hits her head directly. She hisses in pain and falls on the ground, while his brother gets concerns for her and ask if she is fine? To which ahe assures and then takes back her position.

Faltu’s brother ask her to hit a six in order to win the match while she does it and gets the victory. Meanwhile, Su talks about cricket with Ayaan while he smiles and explains her about it. She recalls how he used to play and questions that why he left cricket when he was so great in it. He becomes silent and recalls his oath to never play cricket. He changes the topic and engages Su in the views of Ittarpur.

Elsewhere, Su and Ayaan gets out of rhe auto and sees the ball coming out of cricket ground. She states that the player is playing just like Ayaan while they gets inside to see who hit the ball? Meanwhile, Faltu stands in front of jury to get her money and requests them to give her credit as she needs it for her house. She becomes elated after getting her reward, while Ayaan and Faltu crosses each other’s path.

Ayaan’s aunty looks after her daughter in law Ayesha and says that she should take proper care of herself as she is pregnant. Meanwhile, her husband throws a romantic note towards her while Janardan’s brother catches it and starts teasing the couple. Janardan’s other brother Govind also joins them and laughs after reading the letter.

Ahead, they talks about the weekly income which they will get from Janardan while Sumitra comes there and mocks about it. She despises the idea of getting money from Janardan while the latter comes there and notify how his father used to work so hard and then used to distribute the money into 4 sections. He states that his brother along with him and his mother used to get the money.

Janardhan starts distributing the money and gives everyone their shares. He also proclaims that soon he will take retirement and will give his place to Ayaan. He proclaims to handover his position to Ayaan after his marriage with Tanisha. Whereas, the latter remembers calling Tanisha and states that he forgot to tell her about his arrival at Ittarpur.

Further, Faltu buys the name plate of her father and places it back on the house. Ratan and his wife gets furious at her while Charan stops them from beating his daughter. Meanwhile, the people also complaina about Faltu playing cricket while Charan apologizes to everyone. Ratan takes Faltu inside and burns the name plate, while the latter speaks against him and takes a stand for her father. Meanwhile, Ratan decides to teach a lesson to Faltu and shares an idea with his wife.

Precap:- Faltu lashes out at Ayaan and ask him to take his words back. He keeps calling her Faltu and proclaims that he won’t stop. She threatens him while he follows her steps. Su stops them and states that they have to reach at some place. Faltu gives them wrong direction, while after a lot of trouble Ayaan and Su reaches Ratan’s guesthouse. Faltu gets shocked seeing them and turns away to avoid them. Ratan gets furious at the person who troubled Ayaan and ask about her, to which he takes Faltu’s name.

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Faltu 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Faltu decides to participate in cricket competition