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The episode starts with Pakhi coming back to her room and getting shocked on seeing a man there searching in their bags. She ask who he is. The man runs from there. Agastya comes to Pakhi and asks what happened. Pakhi says him what she saw. Pakhi and Agastya check the CCTV footage. The man’s face isn’t visible in the footage. Pakhi says that man must have the master key to enter in their room. She asks the manager to say who he is else she will call the police.

The manager says that he isn’t their staff. Agastya says that he was wearing their staff uniform. The manager apologizes and says to give time to find who he is. Pakhi doesn’t want to stay in that hotel as that man comes back again. Agastya reassures her saying that he must be a thief. He says her to not tell their family about this.

Agastya and Pakhi are having dinner with the family. Agastya asks Prema how met Sameer. Prema narrates her love story with Sameer. Agastya says to Pakhi that she failed to fulfill her promise. Pakhi makes an excuse and leaves. Later Agastya is finding Pakhi. He receives Pakhi’s message. She asks him to come to the pool side. Agastya comes there getting worried for Pakhi. Lights turn on. Agastya is surprised on seeing the decorations.

Pakhi comes to Agastya. She holds his hands. She says that Agastya can see her love for him if he looks at her eyes. She says that he gave her the reason to live and she wants to spend her remaining life with him. She says that she loves him. Agastya replies that he loves her too. Agastya and Pakhi get romantic.

Pakhi and Agastya are sleeping. Pakhi sees a man looking at their room. She chases him. She puts the guilt of his face and catches him. She calls out Agastya. The latter comes there running. Pakhi says that he was looking at their room and he must have come the other day. Agastya removes the quilt and asks who he is. The man says that he is the staff of the hotel and came here to turn off the lights. He apologizes to them and refuses the allegation.

Agastya calls out the manager and threatens to defame the hotel if he doesn’t punish him. The manager apologizes and assures him to punish the man. Pakhi says that she’s scared that their happiness will be snatched and worries anything bad will happen with them Agastya assures her that nothing bad will happen.

The next day morning Agastya says to Pakhi to not think about the last night and says to let play any game. They come to their family. Agastya suggests playing a game. They decide to play pass the cushion. They play the game. Music stops when the cushion comes to Prema. Pakhi says her to say romantic lines to Sameer. Prema refuses feeling shy. Pakhi and all encourages her. She says some romantic lines for Sameer. All cheers for Prema and Sameer. Pakhi says to Agastya that she really feels better and thanks him.

Agastya promises that he will always give her reason to smile and to not let any sorrow affect her. He asks her to keep smiling. Sameer’s turns come and he is asked to say some filmy lines to Pream. He does so. Only Agastya and Pakhi are left. Naveli says that the one will loss has to kiss the winner. Agastya and Pakhi play the game. Pakhi loses. Pakhi says that Agastya distracted her by blinking his eye.

Agastya says no. Shanaya says to Pakhi to kiss Agastya. Pakhi challenges Agastya to catch her first. Pakhi runs and Agastya tries to catch her. The man pulls the rope. Pakhi is about to fall on the glass pieces by stumbling due to the rope. Agastya saves Pakhi and he fells on the glass pieces. Agastya gets hurt. Pakhi gets concerned for Agastya. Agastya wonders how the glass pieces came here.

The episode ends.

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