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The episode starts with Pakhi getting concerned on seeing Agastya injured. She rushes him to the hospital. Doctor treats Agastya’s wound. Pakhi says that all the incident happened in the resort have some connection. Agastya pretends that his wound is paining and says that he will be fine Pakhi kisses his cheek. Pakhi places a kiss on his cheek. A doctor arrives there. He stumbles and falls down dropping the files. He turns around and looks shocked at Pakhi and Agastya. The latter says Ishan.

The doctor arrives and scolds Ishan for dropping patients files. Ishan tries to speak. The doctor shuts his mouth and says him to do Agastya’s wound’s dressing. Pakhi asks Ishan why he is working as assistant doctor despite of being well qualified doctor . She also asks why he isn’t in London. Agastya asks why he isn’t saying anything. Pakhi asks him to say something. Ishan silently walks from there after doing Agastya’s dressing. Agastya says to Pakhi to go behind Ishan and enquire him.

Pakhi stops Ishan and asks why he is working as assistant doctor and why he’s not in London. Ishan says that he isn’t blaming anyone, but Agastya’s false allegations on him followed him till London. The case was flase and he is innocent so he got offer from London. Everything was going well until an Indian patient recognized him and defamed him. So he got blacklisted from all the hospital. So he returned India.

No one was ready to give him job so he joined here. He doesn’t get good salary or respect here, but he got an opportunity to help people. Pakhi apologizes to Ishan. She says that she thought that he is in London and settled in his life. Ishan says that it’s fine. She’s happy in his life and says to let it go as it’s going. He leaves.

Agastya and Pakhi are on they in the car. Agastya asks Pakhi if she’s fine, if she’s disturbed thinking about Ishan. Pakhi denies it. Agastya says that she can talk to him about Ishan. He says that he knows that she feels bad for Ishan’s condition. Pakhi blames herself for Ishan’s condition. Agastya says that it’s not her fault, but his fault. He says that she can say this to him without hesitation.

Pakhi talks about Ishan on the breakfast table and hopes that his life will get better. Agastya thinks of doing something as Pakhi still feels bad for Ishan’s condition. Pakhi and Agastya feed food to each other. Agastya says that he will show her a place before returning home. Pakhi asks where. Agastya says her to be patient. The next day Agastya brings Pakhi to the hospital. Pakhi recognized that it was the hospital where Ishan used to work.

Ishan thanks the doctor for giving him job despite of what happened.Pakhi sees this and asks Agastya if he did this. Agastya nods yes. Doctor sees Agastya. Doctor says that Agastya bought more than half of the share of this hospital, he is the owner of this hospital. On knowing this Ishan refuses to accept the job. Agastya stops Ishaan and says that he isn’t doing any favor. He is responsible for his condition so he can do this much for him. Ishan says that he doesn’t want Agastya’s help and doesn’t want to have any connection with Pakhi and Agastya.

Ishan says to the nurse to tell the doctor that he doesn’t want the job. Agastya comes to Ishan and says that the current condition of Ishan’s patients. He requests him tk accept the job for their sake. Agastya apologizes to hi, and says that he is ready to do everything to get his forgiveness. Ishan says that Agastya has gone through lot in his life and might have got his punishment. He says that it’s best if they both focus on their own life. He says that he doesn’t want to be in contact with Agastya and Pakhi.

Agastya says that he understands if he doesn’t want to forgive him. He gets on his knee and begs Ishan to accept the job. Pakhi sees this and feels bad for Agastya. Ishan says him to get up. Agastya obliges. Ishan takes the patients file. Agastya thanks him. Police arrives there.

The inspector says that they got a complaint against Agastya for beating someone brutally. Agastya denies the allegation. The inspector says that Agastya beat the resort staff and he is critical now. He blamed him for condition. Pakhi and Agastya look on shocked.

Agastya, Pakhi and Dadi are in the resort. Agastya denies of beating Raghav and says to the inspector that his wife was with him and he can ask her. He asks if he can beat anyone brutally. Pakhi recalls Agastya beating a man who misbehaved with her in the past.

The episode ends.

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Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 14th June 2022 Written Update: Pakhi and Agastya get romantic