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The episode starts with Ishan getting shot. Pakhi looks on shocked. The inspector says to Pakhi that he shot Ishan and not her. Pakhi asks the inspector to rush Agastya to the hospital. Agastya is hospitalized. Pakhi prays for Agastya’s recovery. Tara comes there and asks Pakhi where Agastya is. Pakhi says that Agastya had minor injuries, but he will get well soon. Tara says that she’s lying and asks if Agastya is critical. Pakhi denies it. Tara says that she wants laadu right now.

Meera is in disguise of a nurse. She holding a kniife and says that Agastya sent her only son, Yug, to abroad. She gets determined to take revenge from Agastya and separating Pakhi and Agastya forever. Here Tara offers laadu to God and prays for Agastya’s recovery. Just then Naveli arrives and tells doctor removed bullet from Agastya’s body and he is out of danger.

Pakhi thanks universe. Tara thanks God. Tara wants to stay with Pakhi in the hospital. Pakhi says that children shouldn’t stay in the hospital. But Tara gets adamant to stay with her dad. Dadi asks Pakhi to let Tara stay. Meera watches this hiding. She ays that Ishan would have been alive, if he had listened to her. She says that she will complete the incomplete work that Ishan left.

Tara talks to an unconscious Agastya and asks him to get well soon for her sake. Pakhi pacifies Tara. She says that Agastya is in a dep sleeping and dreaming about the trio of them being together. She assures that the dream will realize when he will gain his consciousness. Pakhi comes out hearing a noise, but she fails to see Meera as a doctor interrupts her.

Dadi tells Sameer that Agastya is recovering. Dadi finds Sameer disturbed and asks what happened. Sameer says that he can’t be at peace as Meera who is their children biggest enemy, is still out of the jail. Dadi agrees with him and says that they should pressurize police to catch Meera.

In the hospital Tara cries seeing a nightmare in which Ishan scares her. Pakhi pacifies Tara and takes out to get her chocolates.
Pakhi asks Tara to think about good moments when she gets any nightmare. Pakhi stops a moment sensing someone’s presence. Tara asks what happened. Pakhi says that nothing and leaves with Tara.

Meera comes to Agastya in the disguise of the nurse along with her man. She removes Agastya’s oxygen mask. Pakhi comes back with Tara. She finds the lights off and rushes to Agastya. She sees Agastya struggling to breath. Pakhi and Tara try to catch Meera and her man, but they escape.

Pakhi calls out doctor finding life support system off. Doctor comes and activate it. Tara asks if they’re Ishan’s partners. Pakhi wonders if it’s not Meera’s act. Doctor apologizes to Pakhi and leaves to check CCTV footage. Tara asks if she knows the bad lady. Pakhi looks on.

Pakhi tells the inspector that she’s sure that lady who attacked Agastya is Meera as her physical features matches with Meera. Sameer says that Meera escaped from jaila and must have come to take revenge from Agastya. Pakhi asks the inspector to do something. Pakhi says that just now Ishan’s chapter ended and now Meera’s chapter started. She asks why their happiness is short-term. Tara calls out Pakhi to see dad. Pakhi gets worried and rushes to Agastya. The latter is gaining his consciousness.

Tara gets happy and says that God fulfilled her wish. Agastya and Pakhi have an emotional eye lock. Tara unites Agastya and Pakhi’s hands. Pakhi regrets misunderstanding Agastya and apologizes to him for the same. Agastya forgives her as his dream to unite with Pakhi and Tara. Agastya, Pakhi and Tara share a family hug.

The episode ends.

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