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The episode starts with Agastya asking Pakhi to wake up. Pakhi wakes up and asks how she’s bleeding when she wasn’t attacked. Agastya says that it’s paint and someone pranked them by shooting her with paint gun. Agastya finds a threatening note and reads it. It’s written that Pakhi will be really shot if he doesn’t confess his crimes to the police in the next 48 hours. Agastya throws the note crushing. He scolds his bodyguards. He then hugs Pakhi assuring her nothing can happen to her. Pakhi thinks that Agastya has only 48 hours to live his life.

Agastya says to Pakhi that he doesn’t want to lose her and asks if she isn’t hurt. Pakhi assures him that she’s fine and says that she got scared seeing the gun and fell in the ground. Agastya says that Pakhi is the most valuable thing in the world. He blames himself. He hugs Pakhi assuring to protect her. Pakhi thinks in mind that this isn’t love, but madness and that she can’t tolerate it more. Agastya comes to Dadi. He places his head on her lap and says that he was scared on seeing Pakhi getting attacked and he can’t forgot that incident. He says that if the gun was really, his motive to live would have ended. Dadi says that he must have understood know the pain of seeing the loved ones in pain. She says that only Agastya knows what he had done and asks him to confess the crime that the blackmailer was talking about if he wants to save Pakhi. She further says that Pakhi will respect him more after his confession. She may get angry in the beginning, but his love will melt it. Agastya refuses. He says that if he tells Pakhi the truth, she will hate him for lifelong. Agastya wonders who is doing all this and says that Sameer, Maya, Virat and Ishan aren’t doing this. He says that he will find the culprit at any cost.

Ishan meet Virat in the jail. Virat says to Ishan to bail him somehow out. He further says that Agastya won’t let him come out of the jail as he knows that he won’t leave him. Agastya arrives at the jail to meet singh. He says to Yug in call to be alert and protect Pakhi. Here Ishan says to Virat that they’re trying to get him out as soon as possible, they have scared Agastya and he can’t hide the truth for longtime. Ishan takes Virat’s leave.

Other hand Pakhi notices the CCTV cameras in the corridor and thinks of doing anything carefully as Agastya fixed cameras everywhere in the house. Here Ishan and Agastya collide with each. Agastya bends down to pick his phone. Ishan says sorry. He gets shocked realizing that it’s Agastya. Ishan leaves from there. Agastya feels thar he saw Ishan and wonders how it can be possible. Agastya asks him to stop. Ishan runs from there. Agastya runs after Ishan. Agastya thinks that it could be Ishan that’s why he ran away. There Pakhi phones Mohit and requests him to hack the cameras anyhow. Here Ishan runs into a factory and hides himself. Agastya arrives there looking for Ishan. He phones Yug and says to tighten the security at home and then asks to come to Ishan’s home soon. Agastya locks the main door and leaves. Ishan tries to open the door in vain. He phones Pakhi and explains him the situation. Pakhi gets shocked.

Pakhi requests Dadi that to let her go to the temple as she’s feeling restless with what’s happening at home. Dadi agrees, but says that she should take the bodyguards with her. Pakhi agrees. Pakhi thinks that Agastya must go to Ishan’s house. Agastya is shown driving the car. Pakhi reaches the temple. She says to the gaurds to stay outside, but they refuse. Pakhi says that she wants some peace inside the temple and orders them to stay here. She goes in.

Agastya is on his way to Ishan’s house. He says that if he was really Ishan, he did a big mistake by leaving alive and decides to rectify it by killing him this time. A person in helmet follows Agastya in bike. Heputs nails in front Agastya’s car when he is watching in the signal. Agastya’s car gets punctured. Agastya phones Yug and calls him for help. The same person in helmet comes to place where Ishan is and removes the helmet. The helmet person is Pakhi. A FB shows Mohit giving the clothes and helmet to Pakhi in the temple. Pakhi gives her ring to Mohit and says him to stay in the temple as Agastya can track her location.

Ishan asks Pakhi what happened to Agastya. Pakhi says that she punctured his tyre. She asks if Ishan is sure that Agastya saw him. Ishan says that else he wouldn’t have talked about going to his house. They leave from there. Agastya reaches Ishan’s house. Shubham opens the door for him and asks if he has any important work. Agastya doesn’t answer him and goes to Ishan’s room. He gets shocked on seeing Ishan there. Pakhi watches this hiding.

The episode ends.

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Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st April 2022 Written Update: Pakhi gets shot