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The episode starts with Agastya waking up hearing the thunderstorm sounds. He doesn’t find Pakhi in the bed next to him and wonders where she has gone at this time. Agastya decides to check Pakhi’s location in tracker, but he doesn’t find his phone. Other hand Yug wonders why Agastya isn’t answering his calls. Agastya sees a silhouette going out. Agastya thinks that the silhouette reassembles to the person whom he doubted to be Ishan. He breaks the water jar so that Pakhi comes to him on hearing the sound. He tries to follow that silhouette by crawling on the floor. Agastya faints in the middle of the path.

The morning Mona finds Agastya unconscious on the floor and shouts. Dadi and Naveli come to Agastya and wake him up. Agastya asks where Pakhi is. Naveli says that she hasn’t seen her since morning. Naveli is astonished on seeing blood drops on the floor and notifies the same to Agastya. They all follow the blood drops and come to the secret room in the basement. They get shocked on finding Pakhi chained there.

Agastya unchained Pakhi. Pakhi cries hugging Agastya. They wonder who has done this. Dadi sees a message written on the wall and notifies it to Agastya. The latter reads that he has to confess his crimes in the next 24 hours. Pakhi says that someone had hitten her on the head and says that she’s scared. Mona asks what the security guards are doing. Pakhi recalls what happened. A FB shows. Pakhi receives Mohit’s message that he hacked the CCTV cameras for one hour. Pakhi distracts the security guard by dropping a glass. Then she receives a parcel which contains Ishan’s clothes. She wore that closes and made Agastya follow her. Then she cut her hand and dropped her blood on the floor. Then she came to the secret room in the basement and chained herself. FB ends. Pakhi thinks that Agastya thinks of himself oversmart, but she has done everything including the threatening message on the wall. Agastya walks away angrily.

Pakhi receives a call from a stranger that Agastya has fainted and he is hospitalized. Pakhi lies to Dadi that she’s going to see her pregnant friend in the hospital and seeks her permission to go out. Dadi worries to let her go. Pakhi assures Dadi that she will take the guards with her. Pakhi is on her way with the gaurds. Someone kidnaps Pakhi in the car. Pakhi gets shocked on seeing Agastya. The latter throws Pakhi’s phone outside. Agastya says that they’re moving to abroad since someone is plotting against them. Someone hacked the CCTV cameras last night. Pakhi tries to change Agastya’s mind saying that they can’t leave like this as their family members’ life will be at risk. Agastya says that he appointed guards for their safety. He says that he can’t risk her life. Pakhi thinks of using the phone contact Ishan. Pakhi drops her hand bag. Agastya picks it up and gives to Pakhi.

Ishan is worried about Pakhi as there’s no message or call from her. Shubham says to call Pakhi. Ishan says that they have decided that only she will call him. In the airport, Pakhi tries to change Agastya’s plan, but in vain. Pakhi says that she wants to call her dad, but Agastya stops Pakhi. He doesn’t tell her their destination too. Someone calls out Agastya and he gets busy in talking with him. Pakhi uses this opportunity and messages Ishan. Other hand Ishan drops his phone and it gets switched off. Here Pakhi is worried that she can’t expose Agastya if they leave abroad.

Sameer comes to meet Pakhi before leaving to London. He asks Dadi where Pakhi is. He says that he bought a Ganesh idol for Pakhi and gives it to Dadi. Dadi says that she has gone out to meet her friend. Mona says that Pakhi has gone out after what all happened. Sameer gets worried on hearing this and asks what happened. Mona narrates everything. He tries to call but he is unable to connect with her. He asks Dadi which friend she has gone to meet.

Pakhi makes an excuse of getting food and tries to call Ishan and she gets worried on finding his phone switched off. She dials to Mohit. Just then Agastya calls out Pakhi. Pakhi drops her phone. She asks Agastya about their destination and when they will reach there so that Mohit can hear her talk.

The episode ends.

Precap: Agastya learns from Yug that Singh has escaped from the jail. Agastya gets worried not finding Pakhi. A girl gives Agastya black color flowers bouquet and Pakhi ring along with a threatening notes.

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