Fans already missing Channa Mereya:

The off-air news of Star Bharat’s Channa Mereya came as a shocker for the loyal viewers of the show.

Actor Karan Wahi who plays the character of Aditya in the show confessed to the leading daily that no prior notice was given to them. He disclosed that they were given off for couple of days and suddenly the off-air news came as a shocker.

Karan is disappointed with this abrupt decision. He shared to the leading daily about suggesting happy ending the story of Channa Mereya. Team makes the development accordingly or not, time will tell.

Reportedly, Channa Mereya team shoot the last episode. The last episode of the show is yet to be decided.

Loyal fans of the show are in a shock. The show was one of the most trended online shows. Channa Mereya fans adored the chemistry of Aditya and Ginni. They were also satisfied with the storyline of the show.

No sooner the off-air news was out; Channa Mereya fans take their social media and vented out on the makers for their sudden decision.

I don’t mind limited episodes but I genuinely feel bad that they’ve to wrap #ChannaMereya up so abruptly. There was so much left in their story


There is process even if they want to end the show,koi channel aise nahi karta jaise star bharat ne kiya hai,they give notice one month before,ek din pehle nahi bolta koi your show is ending tomorrow karke, this is so cruel #ChannaMereya

They could have at least told them 2 weeks before so they could wrap up the story properly, telling them 1-2 days before is so bad. We are getting rushed ending. I want them to know who shot Ginni too, hope they don’t forget this #channamereya #gitya

He came back to itv coz the makers sat with him and made him understand the depth of the character and how wahi can only pull it off and he came back to what, to see how it ended so abruptly #ChannaMereya #GiTya #NiRan #KaranWahi #NiyatiFatnani

On story front, Ginni and Aditya teams up together to find Rajvant’s secret. Will GitYa be able to learn the truth? Keep watching the show for more entertainment.

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