Shaheer Sheikh and Erica Fernandes starrer ‘Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3’ started on an engaging track with DevAkshi learning that Soha is not their own daughter and got swiped at the hospital with Ayush. With Ayush’s entry in Dev and Sonakshi life; love birds are trying their best to balance between Soha and Ayush. Show track is high on emotion and drama, and it is also getting mixed reaction from the viewers. Thus, we catch up few Shaheer Sheikh, Erica Fernandes and show fans to take their review on Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 3. In a talk with us fans kept their point of view and answered the question we framed upon KRPKAB storyline, ShaRica chemistry, KRPKAB3 current track and more. Check it out below!


Talking about the same @ShaheerBirdieFC writes; “It’s pretty different because everyone has evolved and are moving on with their current phase of life which is quite relatable. It’s refreshing to see something different rather then dragging the same old story from previous seasons. So we get the same team back with an entirely new outlook. Loving it.

Adding more to this @VaaniSharma12 quoted “The start to season 3 looks promising however we will have to wait and see how the story unfolds. I look forward to how a mother powers her way through challenges.The highlights till this point have been the superlative acting of Erica like in the episode where she learnt about Soha not being her daughter. Erica’s screen presence is magical and the ability to connect with audiences is exemplary.”

Moving on when we reach out @entesar112 and @imShilpy_S to know how different season 3 is from its previous season. @entesar112 and @imShilpy_S beautifully explained the difference.

According to @entesar112; “the first two seasons were about two lovers but now it is about two parents and their kids they are mature now and they can’t do whatever they want the storyline is different from the first two seasons because love phase ended now they have to show us New dynamic in their relationship so first two seasons were unique for sure but season 3 didn’t end yet and there is still a lot to show so I like and enjoy it because krpkab was always beautiful and has its beauty and even if this season is not good for some people the show is still better than most of other shows which are airing right now”.

As per @imShilpy_S; “KRPKAB is a masterpiece . It’s usp is it’s realistic approach and it has returned with a new season maintaining that original essence…. story of modern age couple with some interesting n impressive twists n turns. Storyline of this new season also screams realism. We are enjoying this new season as our old KRPKAB days are back. Our forever endearing Iconic Mr. Dev Dixit is back!”


Answering the same; @entesar112 writes: “People will not connect with the storyline if there is no scenes between the leads or writing is bad or direction but everything is there in the show and in a good way too if there are some people are not connecting with the storyline is only because they don’t like that because they wanted something else so they are trying to find mistakes in the show but the show can’t keep showing only romance between leads and They already did that the first two seasons and now they are married and have kids they can’t keep romancing all the time leaving their responsibilities I mean what parents are doing that ? Even in real life ?”

@anaa111_anaa felt it is too early to say anything upon it. “Actually for me its too early to say anything since still nothing has been unfold about the actual story. Only that babies had been switched and the only thing Im at the moment seeing is both Sonakshi and Dev are having differences in the way they have been able to accept the situation. They are a couple who had discussed their issues and understood each other, which im not seeing in them yet. Ishwari has been changed altogether which Im not able to connect. And as of now its like all blame is on Sonakshi, why she is not able to connect with the boy and how she is trying to protect the girl kid from getting hurt. So may be once things are more clear only i will be able to fully enjoy the show”

@imShilpy_S added: “Everyone has their pov n expectations but as I think makers have chosen a very emotional n gripping track with the progression of every character. I feel it’s a realistic n relatable storyline and they’re perfectly showing the change of dynamics of relationship with time, which always happens in real life too. For watching Devakshi’s amazing chemistry, we need to be little patient. As this track moves further, hopefully we’ll get to see what we want.”

As per @ShaheerBirdieFC; “It’s entirely a new story , a new concept, new problems and different kind of challenges . I rather see it that way then keep comparing it with previous seasons. I wdnt want to see the same things either. I feel they have taken it frm where they have left . I haven’t felt any major disconnect because I’m watching a season 3 and so my expectations are that of something new , maybe the others might still be stuck in the previous seasons and they keep connecting too much to it .”

Lastly, @VaaniSharma12 disagreed with the question and quoted: “I do not agree with that view as the leads are pivotal. Everything is revolving around them, however sometimes when story drifts away from main characters audiences may not realise the importance of their connection with the leads and that’s why I said it’s important for the story to unfold the right way. I would still say that Erica in particular stays pivotal even with a drifting story through her acting prowess”.


Praising their favorites; [@VaaniSharma12, @ShaheerBirdieFC, @imShilpy_S, @anaa111_anaa and @entesar112] revealed that both Shaheer and Erica as usual freezing the screen with their stellar performances. And none can deny the fact!

So [@VaaniSharma12, @ShaheerBirdieFC, @imShilpy_S, @anaa111_anaa and @entesar112] are top 5 fans who got featured in our article. Thank you so much for the interaction.

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