Show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke in the latest episode has witnessed unexpected accident of Abir!

Scene goes like this; Abir reached the hospital to cross check whether Nishant has consumed alcohol or not. Abir learned that Nishant didn’t consume alcohol and was just fooling Mishti and Maheshwari’s. He had a face-off with Nishant and heated argument happened between the duos. Nishant says to Abir that he will not let him enter into Mishti’s life again. Abir then decides to expose Nishant and tell his truth to Mishti. But on his way to her; Abir met with an unexpected accident.

Mishti gets restless and thinks something bad happened to Abir. The bangle given by Abir breaks and Mishti worries for him. Other side, unconscious Abir reaches the river end and lays still.

Now drama will galore in the upcoming episode when Mishti will worry for Abir and Kuhu will threaten her to get ready for the wedding and don’t hurt her family anymore. Mishti will plead to Kuhu to go and look for Abir once. Rajshri will over hear Mishti and Kuhu’s talk and will puts forth a condition in front of Mishti. She will say to Mishti if this time she wants to escape to find Abir than she shouldn’t come back home at any cost. Rajshri’s word will stun Mishti.

Thus, seeing the episode we in our FAN FUN ACTIVITY asked Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke fans to tell what Mishti should do in this situation as she is in a fix. We also gave the fans 4 options and asked them to choose the best way for Mishti and shoot the reasons too.

Well, Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke fans participated in our activity and majority of them has chosen the option (A) that reads; Mishti should listen to her heart and go in search of Abir!

Check out!


Drop a heart if you too want Mishti should go and search Abir.

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