Farhn P Zamma, producer of the critically acclaimed TV show Amma turned a year older on 7th November. And like every year, Farhn had a quiet  birthday.
He says, “Every year I spend my birthday with my mom and sisters. Later, I spend rest of the day working and then some horse riding, followed by family dinner. This year too, it was the same.”
So is he planning to give himself a special gift this year?
Well, I am a very confused person when it comes to giving gifts. But I like things that are the DIY (do it yourself) kind. Creating stuff gives me pleasure. So yes, maybe something like that.”
The producer however counts the previous birthdays he has had as his most memorable ones.
He recalls, “My most memorable birthday was when I was six years old and I didn’t have one worry in the world. I remember our entire building would come, and we would decorate my home with paper ribbons and balloons. Birthdays were great while growing up. I even remember how much fun it was singing the traditional ‘Happy Birthday’ song on other people’s birthdays. It was so enjoyable. We would stand up in class and sing the song almost every next day and laugh at the person standing for his birthday.”
 Well, childhood memories are always special.
We hope that Farhn throws a big party soon to celebrate though!