Avid fashionistas are always interested in what will be at the peak of fashion in the current year. Moreover, more and more fans of “their style” begin to follow the trends because each year, the new trends in fashion are becoming more convenient and practical for everyday life, business, and celebratory events. 

And so, let’s consider what the year 2022 has in store for us in the world of fashion and trends, what styles of clothing remain from last year, and which will return from the distant past. If you are interested in fashion and gambling entertainment, then cricket apps on mobile may be of interest to you. If not, keep reading our review.  

In 2022 we should pay attention to the following:

  • thin breeches, tank tops;
  • things with a free cut;
  • light fabrics;
  • corsets. 

Classic Style 

Classic never leaves the pages of fashion magazines. Every year, designers emphasize femininity even in a severe business style. This year is no exception. Designers on their shows reveal femininity in the classics with short but restrained mid- and low-cut skirts, textured jackets with shoulder pads, and light, sexy blouses. For trouser lovers, there is also a new trend – a low fit and placket to emphasize the waist and highlight the beauty of the figure. 

The return of disco style

Here, lovers of 80’s trends are waiting for a complete breakthrough. Christian Dior, Prada, Max Mara, Moschino, Michael Kors, and the fashion house Chanel have already shown their variants of short skirts of medium and low-fitting, both in restrained and bright colors. Short tops, the return of cropped hoodies, and long-sleeved tops, all combined with jeans and low-waisted pants. An excellent option for those who dream of showing off the charms of their figure. 


Not only disco style but also grunge returned from the distant past. Leather, brutal accessories, and total black looks will conquer fashionistas in 2022. Dolce & Gabbana presented the perfect version of a massive leather leatherette in their show. The more brutal details, the cooler the image; even the return to the fashion of studs does not scare the designers, but on the contrary, adds its zest to the stylish photos. 


Minimalism can be present in every style, but the main feature is the absence of many details, accessories, and simplicity. Classical colors do not condition this style; bright colors are allowed, but most importantly, without the presence of prints. In addition, minimalism enables accessories in an understated style without emphasizing details, such as rivets, drawings, and rhinestones. 

Tips for fashionistas

A classic should not be boring.

A classic look can be freshened up with a couple of trendy details. For example, the image with a suit will help dilute the rough boots or a bright blouse. They will help to breathe life into a familiar idea and make it look completely new—a great way to diversify your closet. 

Masculine and feminine

If your closet lacks variety, get inspired by your boyfriend’s image. You can even borrow a few versatile items from him or look for something in a masculine style. Play around with masculine sets with feminine details to get more contrast. 

You don’t need an excuse to dress brightly.

Many women divide things into primary, dull and unsightly, and festive – bright, bold, and unusual. However, to wear the latter, the occasion is not necessary. All the more that they can quite harmoniously fit into an everyday closet. The main thing is to play with them correctly. To slightly dampen the brightness, complement the outfit with a neutral color, and your image will be quiet enough for everyday life. 

Style in details

The same outfit may look different depending on your choice of accessories. Sometimes details determine the combination, so do not underestimate them. Even a simple set can be made interesting and relevant, complementing it with some small trendy information. 

Examine yourself

Choosing clothes, do not look at others, learn to listen to yourself. Repeating after the stars, fashion bloggers, or just tastefully dressed friends, you risk not getting the same effect as they have. After all, you may have different appearances, different types of figures, and different lifestyles, and therefore the clothes will look different. It is better to study yourself and the features of your appearance and read which styles and shades will help to emphasize your strengths; only then can you achieve the result. 

The image makes it bright, not only the color.

It is possible to look stylish and attractive in a dark suit. Pay attention to the photo. The girl’s outfit does not seem boring due to the large print and the combination of contrasting textures (wool, pant fabric, and leather). If the situation requires you to comply with a specific color scheme, you can always add brightness to the image by playing with materials. 

Freedom and confidence. 

Even the most fashionable clothes won’t give you any style if you don’t feel comfortable. So you will concentrate all your attention on discomfort and seem distracted, constrained, and unsure. Agree; it does not sound beautiful. So if you feel uncomfortable in any outfit, do not buy it, even if it is fashionable now. Instead, pick up something just as relevant but comfortable. 

The Silver Age

Metallics are increasingly used in the new collections of fashion brands. Among the shimmering shades, designers give a special place to silver. Earlier clothes made of this material were mostly chosen for parties and formal occasions, but now clothes made of silver fabrics found their place in everyday life. Wear your shiny top to the office with classical pants or a voluminous sweatshirt with a silver mini for a Sunday brunch – such clothes will quickly make your image uncommon and exciting. 

Fishing net

Clothing in the form of a large net will be the hottest trend of the spring/summer season. Of course, the most predictable and safest way to wear it is over a swimsuit, but we suggest combining a mesh skirt or dress over a classic suit for the more daring. But whatever you wear such a thing with – you will surely draw attention to yourself. 

Quilted shorts

Quilted shorts were an instant hit after several brands introduced them in their collections during Scandinavian Fashion Week. The soft, mid-thigh cropped, high-waisted, loose-fitting Bermuda shorts come from a sporty closet, but that doesn’t mean they should only be used for working out. They can be worn with a snow-white shirt or an oversized jacket, so they will perfectly complement your everyday closet and help to make any image more unusual and stylish.


2022 has a lot in store for us, especially for fashionistas who crave novelties. But do not forget that “all new is well forgotten old.” The main styles of clothing that will be trendy in the new year are already presented in many designers’ shows, and you can safely look for options for yourself. The main thing is to choose a clothing style that will reveal your individuality and accentuate the advantages of your beauty, and 2022 gave you complete freedom to experiment and find yourself in the most extravagant and unique styles.