In the scorching heat, pastel colors are the first choice to add glamour. This hue has a separate fan base. Even in Indian shows, pastel-colored outfits are offering a refreshing alternative to bold and traditional colors. Pastels are surely taking over the vibrant color. It is the favorite choice of everyone who wants to stand out in the crowd.

Most recently, in the Rabb Se Hai Dua show, Ibadat and Subhaan were married under an unfavorable condition. Their wedding outfit was too sophisticated to take our eyes off.

In the powder blue wedding outfit, Subhaan and Ibaadat looked royal. Dheeraj and Yesha carried their on-screen looks effortlessly.

Powder blue is a trending hue after lavender or mint. Lavender and mint color hues are overrated. Powder blue is the new cool.

This wedding season, you can wear a wear a powder blue outfit to give a light and refreshing look to your fashion.

To enhance the color blue, golden accessories can be added. The golden color complements powder blue well. You can get a complete look idea from Rabb Se Hai Dua couple Ibaadat and Subhaan.

Moving on, there is a second round of wedding twists in the Rabb Se Hai Dua show. The promo is already out. Subhaan will be all set to marry Ibaadat. He will find out about Mannat. Subhaan will bring Mannat to the wedding place. He will decide to choose between Mannat and Ibaadat. The show will take a dramatic turn. Subhaan might end up marrying both girls, as per Islamic culture. How will Mannat and Ibaadat deal with Subhaan’s decision? Well, time will only tell.

Apart from the drama, Subhaan, Ibaadat, and Mannat’s wedding outfit caught the attention. Subhaan’s purple-colored sherwani is looking cool. Ibaadat and Mannat’s pastel-colored lehenga complement Subhaan’s outfit well. The three of them have major goals. You can take inspiration from this trio for your upcoming function.

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