Mohsin Khan aka Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’s Kartik, a highly talented and versatile actor who mold himself in all kinds of characters and emotions. Be it emotional or serious or comedy,  we all loved his pairing with Shivangi Joshi who plays Naira in the show with him. But today we will let you imagine Mohsin Khan with some of the leading ladies of the TV.

Mohsin Khan with Ashi Singh:

So the first number in this list is Ashi Singh, who does the role of shy and sweet girl quite well in Yehh Unn Dino Ki Baat Hai. But what if there is such a girl, a world-class singer’s die hard but secret fan.  Rockstar Mohsin and a shy Ashi will be a pair to watch out for. We believe that if it is shown in real terms in any show, then it will be quite an interesting love story. Isn’t?

Mohsin Khan with Ashnoor Kaur:

The second is Ashnoor Kaur, who is quite naughty and bubbly in nature and loves to play similar characters. What if Mohsin playing the role of Hot and Handsome but Strict Maths Teacher of Ashnoor, and Ashnoor plays the character of his most naughty and weak student. Then Mohsin, while improving her, he himself falls in love with her. Hope we got soon to see like something.

Mohsin Khan with Aditi Bhatia:

Next is Aditi Bhatia, who is also quite a versatile actress, whether it is a comedy or a serious role, she plays it very well and Mohsin’s comic timing is very good. So, we think Mohsin and Aditi should do some comedy based court drama. Mohsin plays a character of lawyer and Aditi  is his opponent. Their cute arguments and mildly love angle will surely keep the audience hooked.

Mohsin Khan with Erica Fernandez:

Erica is a one of the bold and versatile actress of ITV, and she likes to play bold lady characters. Mohsin will look good in casual modern man. We guess they would make a great team if they appear as R.A.W agents who are on a secret mission for their country. Their love angle along with facing difficulties and sacrificing their everything for the love of their country will be a treat to watch.

Mohsin Khan with Aditi Sharma:

Aditi Sharma is one of the beautiful and talented actresses of ITV. While working with Mohsin, we want her to do a unique try with her character. Mohsin loves swimming so we know that he will be able to play this character very well. We would love to see Aditi doing a modern role of a swimmer. Both swimmers are champions in their categories but somehow collides with each other and their love story begins.

Hope you have liked our suggestions. Do tell us your suggestions in our comment box below. Keep reading this space. Until then, Let’s Get Buzzing!!