Sudhanshu Pandey has always been a sight for sore eyes. While he has enthralled the audience with his soul-touching voice, and impactful acting skills, his stint in TV show “Anupamaa” has left the audience in awe of him. Though he plays an egoistic, dominating character Vanraj Shah in the show, his strong screen presence has made the audience fall in love with him.

Sudhanshu’s portrayal of Vanraj has proved that a negative or grey character can leave the same impact on the audience that a positive character can. And if you are still not in love with him, here are five reasons which will make you.

Vanraj was a challenge: For someone who has ruled the audience’s hearts for almost two decades, this out-and-out selfish, dominating and complex character, must have been a big challenge for him, but he still took it, and the way his character has been received, it was definitely a risk worth taking.

Powerful screen presence: The way Sudhanshu delivers his dialogues and his expressions show what a strong performer he is. Even though it’s his first daily soap, the way he has got into his character makes the audience believe that Vanraj actually exists.

He is a family man: Though Vanraj has had his differences with his wife, there is no denying that he is a complete family man. Vanraj can go to any extent for his family and their well-being. In fact he doesn’t shy away from speaking up for his wife Anupamaa in front of his lady love Kavya too. For instance, after the Mahashivratri puja, when Kavya said that Anupamaa asked her to make some vegetables, Vanraj denied and said that even if Anupamaa is in an intoxicated state she would still not say so.

He is very opinionated and he sticks to them: Believe it or not, Vanraj has certain strong opinions and come what may he won’t change it for anyone, even if it means asking a modern Kavya to wear proper clothes when she is at his home because his parents live there.

He loves a woman, and he doesn’t shy away from saying it: Being married and having an extramarital affair is something that the society will never be ok with, but once everyone got to know about Vanraj’s affair, he did not care what the world thought of him and what even his family feels about it. Vanraj never shied away from accepting his love for Kavya and showing it time and again.