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Star Plus popular show Shaurya aur Anokhi Ki Kahani is a hit not only among trp audience but the show has managed to grab a huge online audience across all the social media platforms. The show frequently trends on twitter after almost all the episodes. Not only the lead characters many times the side characters also get trended. The show has got a huge buzz overseas too. A huge reason behind this craze is surely the couple of Shaurya and Anokhi in the show. They managed to grab a huge audience with their effortless chemistry even before their love story started in full swing. Normally each of their scenes has its own charm and flavour but let’s talk about those five scenes of Shaurya and Anokhi who will always remain superior in the minds of every fan of the show. No one can forget those scenes and the effect it left in the minds of the viewers. Let’s revisit those moments of #ShaKhi once again.

It will be a crime if we don’t start with talking about the time when Shaurya saved her in that fateful night in the college. The first day of college turned into a nightmare for Anokhi when she got ragged and also a fellow student tried to be physical with her forcefully. Shaurya reached the spot as he got the intuition about her presence in the college premises and rescued her from the closed classroom. This is the day when for the first time Anokhi and Shaurya felt each other’s warmth for the first time. They embraced each other with security and assurance. Shaurya’s presence assures Anokhi about being secure and safe. This is surely one of the memorable moments to cherish always.

When we are talking about a couple like Shaurya and Anokhi then there is no doubt that this couple will have all sorts of emotions in it. So how can we just ignore their endless bickering with each other. Remember the time when Shaurya and Anokhi as usual started their argument about Anokhi coming to his office with open hair and it got stuck with his coat button. Shaurya being Shaurya without wasting any time or efforts to free the hair but simply go ahead and cut her hair with scissors so that he can go out while Anokhi got shocked to see this. Not only that he gives her the chopped hair also to keep with herself. Well who does that unless it is Shaurya Saberwal.

If we try to remember the day of love for Shaurya and Anokhi then we just can’t ignore the day when both of them got stuck in the riot while looking for Aastha. Shaurya for the first time felt the pain and fear of losing Anokhi all of a sudden. None of us can forget his tenderness and care for Anokhi that day. While Anokhi also felt touched with the way her Shaurya sir is protecting her from the situation. That day for the first time Shaurya realised whatever he is feeling for Anokhi is just beyond the concern of a teacher for a student.

Since they have lived all kinds of emotions people usually experience after being in love. Then there has to be the mention of the day when Shaurya stopped Anokhi from going to Kapurthala leaving her dreams and studies behind in Chandigarh. After that ugly fight between Shaurya and Anokhi, she decided to leave Chandigarh and also SIAC as she was extremely hurt with his words and behaviour. The mayor thought of being away from Anokhi made Shaurya restless and he just went out of his limit to stop her which resulted in an emotional conversation between the two all alone and away from the crowd. Shaurya told her that she needs to stay back in Chandigarh not for anyone but for herself and her aspirations and dreams. He also says that she needs to fulfill all her desire for which she has taken so much effort till date. Not only that Shaurya got over his male ego when for the first time he felt no uneasiness in apologizing and saying sorry.

The last but not the least mentioned has to be the proposal of Shaurya to Anokhi which is also a kind of an explanation he has given to her without really being in a relationship officially. When Shaurya invited Anokhi for their first date at a restaurant, she got to know about Shagun being his ex fiance. Naturally Anokhi finds it hard to accept it and she feels that she misunderstood his behaviour for her in a wrong way and now she will not be able to hear something otherwise from him. However Shaurya came to clear the misunderstandings with her and in this process he not only explained the dynamics of him with Shagun but also confessed his love for her and accepted that he cannot even think of anybody else apart from her and he is just hers.

Well Anokhi and Shaurya are not only having a love story but they are creating a unique story for themselves. Now that they love just started blooming they had a long way to go together and not to mention even the audiences and the fans are also in for a remarkable journey with them. Currently they are away from each other due to circumstances but we are sure that they will find their way back to each other very soon and will tackle all the hurdles of life together.

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