Our television industry has many good rocking on screen couples and each one has a huge fan following – Mohsin Khan and Shivangi Joshi from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is definitely on the top in that bracket. 
Though they have never spoken about it, there have been tons of rumours about their relationship since the time the duo started working together. Their relationship status has always been a talking point. However, now that it is confirmed that Mohsin and Shivangi are just friends, no strings attached, all of the former’s female fans can finally let out a sigh of relief.
Mohsin has talked about their friendship in the past and that bond continues to thrive. Both the actors also share a wonderful rapport with their respective families. The cast and crew of YRKH have noticed their off screen friendship and how they always cheer for each other before every scene.
Their fans love them unconditionally. And in last few months the duo has had some amazing scenes in the show that demands great chemistry and relationship. Working continuously with each other for a daily show needs a certain understanding, and when your co-actor is a good friend, it just comes naturally. 
Mohsin has an interesting take on love and relationships. He says, “If I ever date a girl, I want it to be the forever-kind. I am very romantic that way. Someday, when I finally get married, no one will be more excited than my Ammi. So if any girl is up for the challenge of dating me my Ammi must approve.” 
Khan also adds, “I have always been a shy kid right from my school days. I was very introverted. However, after I started working as an actor, I have changed a bit. We have a school reunion coming up and I can’t wait to meet all my teachers and old friends who knew me as the shy, quiet and disciplined child.” So now all the ladies, start preparing for Valentines Day because the heartthrob of Indian television Mohsin Khan is single.