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This week began with Bondita making excuses so that she can spend more time with Anirudh before leaving him. Anirudh says they have to catch the train. Sampurna asks Vihari about Bondita’s address. She vents out her anger on him saying she will show him his real place if he doesn’t reveal Bondita’s address. Vihari tells he doesn’t know. Sampurna tries to slap him. Trilochan stops her and shouts at her. Trilochan says Vihari doesn’t know where is Bondita. Vihari only calls you Malkin but he considers Bondita as the Malkin of the haweli. Sampurna leaves and Trilochan thinks of finding some clue from Anirudh’s study room to know where are Anirudh and Bondita. He gets worried for them. Anirudh enters room and checks the bag and shows hair brushes to Bondita.

Bondita’s sindoor daani falls from there and Bondita says she took it by mistake now it has no use as she is not wife of Anirudh anymore. Bondita asks Anirudh can’t she fulfil his dream by being his wife? Why Anirudh has to break previous relationship. Why she can’t be Roychowdhury’s daughter in law. Trilochan finds boarding school form from Anirudh’s study room. Anirudh says to Bondita that he will give her answers on right time. Now they have to leave to catch the train. Bondita gets emotional.

Anirudh and Bondita reach boarding school. Trilochan arrives and tries to stop Bondita. Anirudh says She is not safe in Tulsipur as some toxic men there are ready to kill Bondita for their fake rules. Trilochan says he is also worried for Bondita’s safety. If Anirudh remarries Bondita noone will be able to harm her. He suggests Anirudh to accept Bondita again. Anirudh says I have married Bondita to save her, that was a compromise for me. I can’t push Bondita to hell again. We have already decided. Trilochan calls Bondita and says I have always told you to not debate but today you should fight for your right and question Anirudh why he is doing it. Anirudh makes Bondita understand that she can be inspiration to many. She should not sacrifice her career for such meaningless distraction. Bondita thinks why can’t she reach heights being Anirudh’s wife. They are heading towards school and Trilochan gets cardiac arrest. Anirudh gets shocked.

Anirudh holds Trilochan and says to Vihari he will take him to hospital. Trilochan says I dont want to live as I can’t see Bondita and Anirudh’s separation. Anirudh says nothing will happen to you. You will be fine. Trilochan shows sindoor box to Anirudh saying it’s my last wish, fill Bondita’s hairline with sindoor. You never fulfilled my any wish. Anirudh says they will about it later but Trilochan adamantly says he will not go to doctor if Anirudh doesn’t accept his decision. Anirudh gets stressed. Bondita notices ice bag on Trilochan’s neck. She tries to tell Anirudh about that but Vihari takes her aside. He says you caught Trilochan’s lie but don’t tell anything to Anirudh. This lie is for your own good only so that you can become Malkin again.

Bondita thinks she also wants that but Anirudh doesn’t want that. Vihari tells Bondita to stay quite for some time at least. Bondita cries and stays quite. Anirudh takes the sindoor box and looks at it helplessly. Trilochan says please fill it. Anirudh recalls how he protested against evil customs. He also recalls about his broken marriage with Bondita. He is about to apply the sindoor but Bondita stops him. She says Anirudh should not leave his principles for saving Trilochan. He should not carry any burden with him by marrying her again. Bondita shows the ice bag to Anirudh and says Trilochan is acting only. Nothing happened to him. Trilochan gets up. Anirudh stands shocked and asks Trilochan why did you do that? Trilochan says to Anirudh you want to secure Bondita’s future but what about you? You want to live a lonely life always?

Anirudh says you are also living a life without a wife and children then why it will be impossible for me? You also didn’t get married right? Trilochan says he never felt loneliness as he had Vatuk, Somnath and Anirudh. He raised them without a mother. But Anirudh doesn’t have anyone. Loneliness will devour him slowly with time. Anirudh says don’t worry about me. I have Bondita’s dreams with me. I will celebrate Bondita’s victory. I won’t be alone. Trilochan says you are not understanding now but you will regret later. Anirudh tells him to leave. Bondita takes blessings from Trilochan. Trilochan tells Bondita I wanted to take you home, and wanted to bless you but you didn’t allow me to do so. You have cut ties with me as you don’t have any relationship with Anirudh.

Trilochan leaves being upset. Bondita gets upset. Anirudh assures her saying he will convince Trilochan, he is just bit upset. Bondita catches one buyer who is taking advantage of a blind seller. Bondita tells the buyer to return the extra fruit he took without paying. Anirudh gets impressed. He tells her I want to free you from all the barriers of society so that you fly high and identify the right or wrong. After that only you will be able to find a suitable life partner for yourself. Bondita asks can I choose you after I learn all these things?

To which Anirudh says yes you can. I didn’t want to get freedom from you but I wanted to free you from all the fake customs and barriers so that you fly high. Bondita says we do have a special relationship right? Anirudh says yes its unique and we have respect for each other. I will always support you. Anirudh says he wants to be sky for Bondita so that it never blocks her way to achieve anything. Anirudh says though our relationship has no name but I respect it. Bondita says but I have a name for our relationship.

She shows him sign of flute and arrow. Anirudh guesses Bondita is indicating towards Krishna and Arjun. Bondita says we tease each other also we love each other. You are my friend philosopher and guide. We are just like Krishna and Arjun. Anirudh also accepts Bondita as his best friend. They hug each other. Anirudh tells her to give the interview properly. Anirudh and Bondita enter school. Anirudh waits for Bondita. Bondita gets selected after giving proper answers in the interview. Anirudh gets overjoyed and congratulates her. Bondita says tell me bravo. Anirudh smiles. School teacher shows Bondita her room in boarding school. Anirudh and Bondita see the room. Teacher asks Anirudh what’s his relation with Bondita? Bondita says he is her Sakha babu. Bondita gives her family members’ names to teacher. Her parents names and grandma’s name. Anirudh gets upset before leaving Bondita.

Anirudh tells her call me whenever you need me. You know the number right? Bondita and Anirudh hide each other’s faces to hide their emotions. Anirudh controls his tears. They say bye to each other and Anirudh cries after going outside. He calls Bondita and tells her to smile. Bondita also cries her heart out. Trilochan is left devastated. He refuses to eat anything. He sends Vihari away. Sampurna notices him and wonders what happened to Trilochan suddenly? Anirudh tells Vihari he will feed Trilochan. Vihari says Trilochan doesnt want to talk to him. Anirudh takes the plate. Seeing Anirudh Trilochan leaves from there angrily. Sampurna says something wrong happened between Trilochan and Anirudh for sure. Else Trilochan can’t get this much disappointed with Anirudh.

Deboleena washes plates and thinks about her bad luck how her daughter Sampurna is getting all the luxuries and she got nothing. One villager informs her about the reward of 25 thousand rupees which she can get after killing Bondita. Deboleena gets shock. Teacher tells Bondita to make family tree. Bondita adds all the pictures of her in laws and informs her teacher that she will click other members’ pictures using hand camera. She further says she doesn’t have blood relation with her in laws still she loves them a lot. Deboleena gets scared and tells Anirudh will kill her if she traps Bondita. Villager says yes the work is risky then leave it. Deboleena agrees and says she can give him Bondita’s address but other things like killing her and hanging her ripped head will be done by the villager. Deboleena says she will get the half amount of the reward right? Villager agrees. Deboleena smirks.

Sampurna tells its good that Anirudh took Bondita to Sumati Ma’s home. She is not Roychowdhury’s daughter in law anymore. Anirudh says Bondita is not in Sumati’s house. But wherever she is she is safe there. Anirudh taunts Sampurna saying though Bondita doesn’t live in haweli but she lives in our hearts. You can’t get the respect from us as we know how you have become Malkin. Sampurna thinks no matter what Anirudh says but I’ll only rule over the haweli. She also thinks of finding Bondita’s address.

Anirudh misses Bondita and there Bondita waits for Anirudh’s call in the hostel to tell him how she spent her day. How she ate food with fork and knife. Anirudh finally is about to call Bondita but he stops himself saying he might show his pain while talking and then Bondita won’t be able to stay there alone. Bondita gets upset over the fact that Anirudh didn’t even miss her once. She sits on floor and waits for Anirudh’s call. She sees her locket and recalls how Anirudh gifted her Dugga Ma’s locket. She loved it. Bondita says she gets strength from her Sakha babu but if he doesn’t call her how will she share what she is feeling. Bondita gets permission from teacher to call Anirudh. She calls him. Anirudh receives it. He calls her name but Bondita hesitates to speak anything. Then she cuts the call and cries. She leaves. A

nirudh says I can recognise her voice. She is very talkative but why didn’t she say a single word. She surely has many things to say. Bondita thinks why she became weak. She couldn’t utter a word. Anirudh feels Bondita must be sad. Trilochan sits on chair and looks heartbroken. Anirudh comes to him and says let’s play chess together to boost his mood. Trilochan recalls how Bondita used to watch Anirudh and Trilochan playing chess. Bondita gave idea to Trilochan to play better so that he can win. Anirudh said its unfair. Bondita said then prove it I helped Kakasasur ji. Anirudh said I caught you while you were whispering. Bondita said I can talk about something else as well. She teased Anirudh and later Anirudh felt happy that Bondita won. He said he will always be happy for Bondita’s win at every stages of life. FB ends.

Trilochan throws the chess board and ruins everything. Anirudh says he promised Bondita that he will convince Trilochan but its getting tough for him. Anirudh thinks of taking Bondita’s suggestion to convince Trilochan. He calls in the boarding school and gets to know Bondita is busy. Anirudh doesn’t disturb her thinking Bondita will get stressed after learning Trilochan’s condition. He asks whether Bondita is doing good or not. Teacher informs Bondita is strong and absolutely okay here. Sampurna overhears their conversation and gets to know Bondita is in hostel. She smirks. Anirudh and Bondita miss each other. Bondita concentrate on her studies. She brings one cup of coffee but doesn’t drink it. She thinks Anirudh used to have coffee while teaching her.

Other side, Sampurna thinks she doesn’t care where Bondita stays. Bondita is out of the haweli that’s enough for her. Sampurna thinks she can be the Malkin of the haweli now.Sampurna notices someone’s shadow. Deboleena tells her not to scream. She is about to tell her about the planning. But hearing someone’s voice Sampurna sends Deboleena away. Anirudh imagines that he is tying shoe knots of Bondita. Sampurna gives some stuffs to Deboleena saying you wanted these only. Now leave. Deboleena instigates Sampurna against Bondita saying she will lose everything if Bondita returns back to the Haweli. It would be better if Sampurna gives Bondita’s address to her and she will get half amount of the reward. Sampurna says she won’t do anything. Deboleena also threatens her mentioning Sampurna’s informer. Sampurna finally agrees and gives Bondita’s address to Deboleena. Vihari gives Bondita’s missing poster Anirudh and Anirudh gets shocked seeing villagers’ increasing anger for Bondita.

Anirudh says angrily I am with Bondita. Noone can harm her. Anirudh says I’ll also go with you to remove Bondita’s posters. Bondita misses Anirudh while studying. Vihari insists Trilochan to eat something. He got fever as well. Trilochan refuses. Anirudh says Trilochan wont listen to us. But if Bondita tells him to take care of himself. He will agree as Trilochan is really adamant. Trilochan looks shattered. Anirudh calls in the hostel. Teacher tells him Bondita is in class. Anirudh tells please inform Bondita that Trilochan wants to talk to her. Bondita gets happy to know that Anirudh called her.

Anirudh waits for Bondita’s call. Deboleena sends one man to take Bondita. She tells him to lie that Trilochan is not well so he is here to take Bondita so that she can meet Trilochan. Anirudh calls Bondita and before Bondita could receive it that person comes and lies about Trilochan to Bondita. Phone rings. Bondita says she won’t go anywhere until she talks to Anirudh. She receives the call but the call gets disconnected for some reason. Teacher tells Bondita to go to meet Trilochan as he is unwell. The person keeps saying Anirudh sent him to take Bondita to haweli. Bondita agrees. Deboleena smirks and notices Bondita. Bondita leaves.

Anirudh calls in the hostel using another number. He says Trilochan wants to talk to Bondita. Teacher informs him about the person he sent to take Bondita with him. Bondita already left for Tulsipur. Anirudh gets shocked and speechless. Trilochan tells Anirudh we should find Bondita. Villagers should not know where Bondita is. Trilochan blames Anirudh for the mishap. Trilochan says you sent Bondita away from us. If something happens to her you will be responsible. Trilochan says he will go to find Bondita. Anirudh tries to stop him. He says whatever he did is for Bondita’s good only. When it comes to Bondita’s safety he can go to any extent to save her. Anirudh says I always rectify my mistakes you know that. I’ll fulfil my promise. Bondita understands the person is trying to mislead her. She stops in the midway and says we are going in wrong direction. Anirudh didn’t send you. You are here for some other reason. She is about to leave but Deboleena hits Bondita’s head. Bondita gets shocked to see her. Deboleena says I just want the money. Bondita will die for sure. Bondita falls unconscious and Deboleena gives Bondita’s locket to that person as a reward. Deboleena shifts Bondita somewhere and thinks of informing the villager that she confined Bondita. Anirudh goes to hostel and scolds the teacher how can she tell Bondita to leave with some random person. She apologises and tells about the person how he looks. Anirudh rushes to find Bondita. Bondita gains consciousness and recalls Deboleena’s act. She calls for help. Bondita’s thakuma enters and asks the hostel teacher where is Bondita. She replies Bondita is kidnapped because of her carelessness. Anirudh went to find her. Thakuma says Anirudh can’t save Bondita. He is not capable. She taunts Anirudh.

Bondita shouts fire what Anirudh taught her about self defense. Anirudh asks someone about Bondita but latter says he didn’t see her. Bondita hears bell sound and she gathers courage with closed eyes recalling Anirudh’s words. Later she opens a cupboard and throws stuffs here and there. Bondita finds telephone and tries to contact Anirudh. She finds out the telephone is kept wihout wire. She recalls same thing happened in haweli and she solved the problem. Bondita tries to find socket to connect the wire. Anirudh bumps into the kidnapper and notices Bondita’s locket. He starts beating him and asks where is Bondita tell me. Latter tells him about what Deboleena did. But doesnt reveal her name. Anirudh releases him and he runs off.

Bondita connects the wire and tries to reach Anirudh through telephone call. Sampurna picks it up and gets shocked hearing her voice. She cuts the call. Sampurna says this Bondita is really smart. Now because of Deboleena, Sampurna will also get caught. Sampurna thinks of an idea to get rid off Bondita. Deboleena checks Bondita in room and Bondita acts unconscious. Deboleena tells she has to inform the villager about Bondita as soon as possible. Bondita throws away something to distract Deboleena. Deboleena goes out to check. Bondita again calls in the haweli and Trilochan tells Sampurna that he will receive the call instead of her. Bondita informs Trilochan about her kidnapping which is done by Deboleena. She tells there might be a temple outside where she confined me.

Deboleena snatches the telephone from Bondita. Trilochan cuts the call and confronts Sampurna. He is about to slap her but Vihari stops him. Trilochan says how could you do this to Bondita? You told your mother about Bondita’s address? Sampurna denies saying don’t treat me like I am your servant’s wife. How shall I know where is Bondita. Deboleena tells Bondita stop being oversmart. You will get a lesson soon. Bondita tells her you are heartless, I thought you are only greedy but you can even kill someone. Trilochan says to Sampurna you are expert at making evil plans. You are behind this only. Sampurna says she has no relationship with her parents after they left. Vihari says Sampurna sends haweli ration to her parents. Sampurna tells him to shut up but Trilochan tells Sampurna to shut her mouth. Trilochan tells Sampurna if Bondita gets hurt noone will be able to save you from my anger. Vihari tells Trilochan that Anirudh called him. Trilochan informs Anirudh about Bondita’s phone call.

Anirudh rushes to find her. Deboleena tells Bondita you are getting punished because of your karma. You followed your husband’s lead that’s why you are suffering. Bondita says my Sakha Babu can’t show me wrong path. I’ll listen to him always. Bondita then plays mind game with Deboleena saying she can get caught if the villager doesn’t come. He will get all the money. Deboleena tells you can’t fool me. Bondita says what if Anirudh comes here. Bondita convinces Deboleena saying she is feeling hungry and she is small girl so can’t disappear also. Deboleena goes out to bring food for Bondita. Bondita frees herself and cuts the rope using a sharp stone. She opens the lock as well thinking about Anirudh’s technique. She goes outside and finds the bell. Anirudh shouts Bondita’s name and hears the bell ringing. He sees Bondita and gets happy.

In upcoming episodes Anirudh will give pen to Bondita as a gift but Bondita’s thakuma will slap Anirudh shockingly. She will say that from now on she will take decisions for Bondita.

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