On the occasion of Biryani Day, celebs share their memories of the yummiest biryanis they have had!

Vijayendra Kumeria
I had the best biryani in Lucknow which was home cooked by the resident of the haveli where I was shooting…. It was cooked in an earthy utensil on a sigdi with the right amount of spices and well cooked mutton. The best part was sitting and having it with the shooting team and the family hosting the dinner. I cook but I have never tried my hands on cooking a biryani as I am not sure if I’ll be able to do it right…one thing I am sure about is that I will never ever say a no to biryani.

Nyrraa M Banerji
Last I had Hyderabadi biryani at Paradise hotel. It tasted the best. It was Simple White biryani yet so delicious.

Aditya Deshmukh
This is some kind of sweet gesture. And talking about Biryani day, the best biryani that I had was at my place. My mom makes a lovely vegetarian biryani as well as Chicken Biryani. I love it. She makes a biryani which has layers on it. Layers with red rice, layer of green rice and then the layer of rice with chicken masala. The flavour was spicy chicken gravy mixed with fried French fries and saute onions and with cashews. My mom makes the best Biryani. I have never tried cooking Biryani at home because no one can beat mom’s Biryani. But I like the Nukkad wali Biryani. They make it in Handi, there’s quality in their Biryani. They give you the best of the best. They seal it with “aata”.

Amal Sehrawat
Special Biryani I had was when I came back from a very long outdoor trip back to my place and my wife had prepared it for me. It was a vegetable Biryani. I don’t know what were the ingredients but that was the tastiest Biryani I had because I had my home food after almost three months and that too Biryani. I really loved it. And I don’t know how to cook so I never made Biryani (laughs).

Deepali Saini
Last I had Biryani in Nizami Darbar and it tasted so good. It was different. Also I’m vegetarian, I don’t eat chicken. But they had a veg option also. Also though it was a vegetarian biryani, it did taste different, very unique. For the first time I have seen rose petals in Biryani. And I’m also a very good cook. So last time I made Kathal Biryani. I was experimenting because everyone knows how to make mushroom Biryani, egg Biryani. So I tried it and it was amazing and I had it with Nirbhay. And I love the food which I myself cook. Sometimes I do not find the same taste in any of the 5 star restaurants.