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Anupama and Vanraj will finally separate in the upcoming episode. Meanwhile, Advait will receive Anupama’s full report and will hide from Shah’s thinking about the tough situation they are going through with Vanraj and Anupama’s divorce. What more twists and turns will come in the show will be watch worthy. Each passing week, Anupama hook the audience to their seat. This week was engaging too with Kavya attempting suicide and Vanraj trying to convince Anupama to re-think upon her decision.

Vanraj tells to Kavya that he will not give divorce to Anupama. Devastated Kavya, recalls her moments with Vanraj. She cries thinking about Vanraj. There, Nandini asks Samar to cancel the engagement. Nandini adds they can’t do their engagement ignoring them. Samar says to bring smile on Vanraj and Anupama they should not cancel the engagement.

Here, Leela talks with God and asks him to stop being stubborn. She counts she prays to him daily and can’t he stop Vanraj and Anupama’s divorce. Leela cries in front of God. Kinjal asks Leela not to complaint to God as it is Anupama’s decision. Other side, Samar shares with Nandini that now he doesn’t want Anupama and Vanraj’s divorce. He adds thinking about Vanraj and says it is the first time Vanrja is showing genuine concern towards Anupama. Nandini stands shocked hearing Samar. Samar thanks Nandini for always supporting him.

Elsewhere, Pakhi’s bracelet breaks. Leela asks Pakhi not to worry. Pakhi asks Leela if nothing can happen. Leela says Anupama is not ready to change her decision. She tells to Pakhi that she has called Anupama’s mother, who is trying hard to reach them. Anupama come and overhears Leela. She gives massage to Leela.

Pakhi and kinjal takes care of Anupama. Dolly too take care of Leela. Samar tells to Shah’s about Hasmuk’s call. Hasmuk complaint to Leela about leaving him alone and enjoying at resort. He asks Shah’s to keep Anupama happy. Vanraj come.

Nandini shouts and Shah’s run towards her. In the meanwhile, Kinjal learns her father is not well and asks Dolly to inform Shah’s that she urgently needs to run. Dolly asks Kinjal to go.  Vanraj, Anupama and others gets shocked learning Kavya attempted suicide.

Anupama and Vanraj gets tensed. Leela asks Anupama to give salt water to Kavya. Vanrja asks Samar to call a doctor. Doctor tells to Shah’s that Kavya needs a treatment. Nandini cries for Kavya. Dolly asks Nandini to calm herself.

Advait help Kavya to get her consciousness back. Anupama decodes Vanraj might have said something to Kavya. She further slaps Kavya for taking such a drastic step. Ahead, Anupama confronts Vanraj. Vanraj tells to Shah’s that he refused to give divorce to Anupama thus, Kavya attempted suicide. Furious Anupama refuses to change her decision and asks Vanraj to be ready to visit court on time. Vanraj asks Anupama to reconsider the decision. Anupama about to leave. Vanraj stops Anupama. He says to Anupama that the one who never bow down in front of anyone is folding his hands in front of her.

Vanraj pleads in front of Anupama to reconsider divorce decision. He adds he is feeling guilty and is in pain. Vanraj says to Anupama he doesn’t want to leave her at this vital time. She talks with Anupama and asks her to stay back for their children’s sake.

Vanrja tries to convince Anupama to consider her decision. He says to Anupama that he will give her divorce but not now. Vanraj promise to give divorce to Anupama post her treatment. He folds hands in front of Anupama and beg Anupama to let him support her for one last time. Vanraj hugs Anupama and pleads to change her decision. Anupama stands teary.

Later, Anupama in front of Shah’s announces that her divorce with Vanraj will take place at any cost. Kavya gets happy. Anupama asks Vanraj to get ready. Both heads towards the court. Anupama and Vanraj recalls their moment with each other. Lawyer asks Anupama not to hesitate in front of judge when he will ask them if they wants to get separated or not. Vanraj and Anupama sits in front of Judge. Pen slips from Vanraj’s hand when judge asked him to sign on the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Advait shared with Samar that Anupama’s health report will come in anytime. He worries for Anupama’s health.

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