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This week Kundali Bhagya begins with Mahira reveals how she helped Prithvi by bribing Shubham and says he should not underestimate her from now on. Prithvi tells Sherlyn and Mahira to leave from his room because he will end up in problem if anyone saw him with them then. Kareena is not satisfied with Prithvi’s explanation and she informs about it to Krithika. Krithika believes Prithvi and she asks Kareena to support her decision. Kareena says she won’t say anything if Krithika doesn’t has any problem with Prithvi then because it’s her life. Preeta tells Prithvi that he is deceiving the people who trust him wholeheartedly and asks how can he betray Krithika. He says he loves Krithika.

She says she knows his true face so he need not to act in front of her. She says she is sure that his marriage happened already so she will find out his wife. He says she can’t handle his hatred so she should not do anything to stop his marriage and moreover Krithika believes him so that’s enough for him. Krithika avoids Prithvi and he decides to win her trust again. Akshay calls Krithika and blackmails her saying he will leak their intimate pictures if she don’t give money to him then. She recalls how Preeta tried to expose Akshay and regrets for not believing her.

Preeta gets ready to attack Prithvi with knife hearing footsteps but it turns out to be Karan. He shocks seeing her with knife and she diverts the topic. He thanks her for doing so much to stop Krithika and Prithvi’s marriage and also for loving his family. Karan catch Mahira red handed when she was eavesdropping them. Mahira says when she came they were talking to each other so she didn’t wanted to disturb them that’s why she was waiting outside the kitchen. Preeta tries to avoid Mahira. But Mahira reminds her about past and talks about Preeta and Karan’s marriage. Mahira challenges her saying in three days Karan will leave her.

Sherlyn injects the medicine to Mahesh which was brought by Mahira and says now he has to die.Prithvi apologize to Krithika but she avoids him. He learns that Akshay blackmailing her. Pamma hears what Sherlyn said and informs about it to Rakhi and Suresh. Sherlyn says Pammi misunderstood her. Suresh takes stand for Sherlyn saying she is not that kind of person. He apologize to Sherlyn on behalf of Pammi. Mahira makes Dadi fell on the floor so Preeta can take care of her and she will get chance to spend time with Karan.

Prithvi beats Akshay and asks why he is blackmailing Krithika. Akshay says he did for money but he won’t do it anymore. Prithvi asks him to continue the blackmail and says he will give money to him for this work. Mahira waits for Karan and hugs him. But lies to him saying she twisted her feet so she didn’t hug him purposely. He says he came to meet Preeta. She says she saw Preeta and Prithvi in the terrace and tries to instigate him against Preeta. He says he trust Preeta and she she can meet anyone. Preeta informs Karan about Dadi’s sprain. Karan informs her about their date.  Krithika cries recalling Akshay’s threat and takes her jewels and leaves the house. Preeta notices that and follows Krithika.

Mahira follows Preeta to spoil her and Karan’s date. Prithvi meets Akshay in his hotel room and asks why he is staying in the hotel. Akshay says his parents left for Dubai and asks him to give money before Krithika comes to his room. Prithvi gives money to him and tells him to threaten Krithika because by helping her he has to become her hero again. Karan waits for Preeta but Mahira joins him saying she came to meet her friend. Preeta stops Krithika and says she knows that Krithika is in trouble and asks her to share the problem with her because she came to help her. Krithika apologize to her for not believing her when she said about Akshay and informs her about his blackmail.

Preeta assures her saying she will handle the matter so Krithika need not be worry about anything now. She records Krithika’s voice in her mobile and wears Krithika’s dress and goes to Akshay’s room.Krithika prays for Preeta’s safety. Preeta meets Akshay covering her face with duppata. He asks why she covered her face. She plays the recorder which says she doesn’t want anyone to know that she came to meet him. He gets convinced with her answer and asks about money. She shows the money to him and he takes the parcel and says now he changed his mind and tries to misbehave with her. He shocks seeing Preeta’s face and tries to molest her. She hits his head with tray and leaves the room after collecting all the proof.

Sameer calls Karan and informs him that Mahesh woke up from coma for a second. Preeta gives the proof to Krithika and she destroyed it. Doctor says seems like Mahesh going to recover completely and it’s happening because of the medicine they inject him. Sherlyn recalls how she injected that medicine. Prithvi and Mahira blames each other. Sherlyn tells them to calm down. Karan avoids Preeta and dances with him to convince him and he also forgives her and hugs her.

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