Barrister Babu Weekly Update

This week began with Bondita feeling sad thinking about the fact that Anirudh ditched her and chose Manorama. When she sees Sumati is also supporting Anirudh she gets heartbroken. She says she doesn’t want to stay in Roychowdhury house anymore, but Sumati recalls Anirudh’s words and stops Bondita saying she cant be a burden to her mother. After marriage she should listen to Anirudh only. Anirudh also gives one suggestion to Bondita. He says Bondita can take admission in Boarding school else she has to accept Manorama as Choti patni. He expects Bondita should leave the tensions behind and she should choose right path for herself. But Bondita does the unthinkable and chooses to stay in the haweli. She says she will perform all the rituals what a first wife does. Sampoorna keeps provoking her saying Anirudh is not interested in Bondita anymore.

Later Bondita gets ready for the welcoming ritual. She welcomes Manorama and performs everything. She tries to spoil one game but then she gets to know from Sampoorna that she made it easier for Anirudh and Manorama to get close to each other. Anirudh hurts Bondita by showing her the same mirror. Bondita sees Manorama through the mirror and later she also gifts Manorama the same watch which Anirudh gifted her. Anirudh hides his pain. Trilochan finds it difficult to accept Anirudh’s indifferent behaviour towards Bondita. He tells Anirudh that he has to divide days to spend equal time with Bondita and Manorama. In that case, his two wives won’t feel that Anirudh is spending less time with them. Trilochan says Bondita sacrificed a lot already by sharing her husband. Bondita overhears their conversation and Anirudh clearly tells Trilochan that he is only interested to spend time with Manorama. Later Sampoorna gives responsibility to Bondita to decorate Anirudh and Manorama’s room for first night. Sampoorna tries to provoke Manorama as well saying Bondita is jealous of her and will try to ruin her happiness. Bondita fulfills her duty but she suddenly gets a feeling of itching and she learns from Koyeli that the white flowers cause itching. Bondita gets an idea to teach lesson to Manorama. She spreads the flowers everywhere so that Manorama gets irked.

Manorama and Anirudh enter the room and before they could mention about their fake marriage, Anirudh notices Bondita is hiding under the bed and listening to them. He knowingly passes some humiliating comments about Bondita. Seeing Anirudh and Manorama’s friendliness Bondita gets heartbroken and shows her face to Anirudh but gets hurt while coming out of the hidden place. Anirudh scolds her that why is she here? Bondita leaves from there and feels Anirudh now doesn’t care for her at all. Anirudh stops himself from showing concern to Bondita.

Manorama being sympathetic towards Bondita tries to apply ointment on her wound. Seeing her care for Bondita, Trilochan develops good impression about her but Sampoorna gets mad at Manorama. She warns her not to treat Bondita well. Else Sampoorna will punish Manorama. Manorama in return tells her to stay in limits. As she is not a good person who talks ill about her own sister.

During Aarti Bondita gets disheartened knowing Anirudh’s wants Manorama to do the aarti. She takes help of Vatuk and executes her plan to stop Manorama from attending aarti. Anirudh decides no matter what Bondita does, he won’t let her win. Manorama is asked to recite Durga Mantra but she reveals she is illiterate. Bondita takes advantage of it saying she has all the qualities which a good daughter in law of Roychowdhury needs to have. Anirudh says he will read the mantra from the book and Manorama will repeat it. After that Manorama catches Sampoorna for troubling her again using the diya flame. She threatens Sampoorna and tells her confess her crime. Trilochan then praises Manorama for her kindness. He suggests Bondita to learn something from Manorama.

At breakfast table Bondita explains Manorama who eats what. Manorama serves them to every member of the house and Vatuk criticises Manorama’s milkshake and tells Bondita to make another milkshake for him once again. Anirudh drinks coffee made by Manorama to hurt Bondita but then he vomits as the coffee had malai on it. Manorama apologises to him.

Sampoorna grows suspicious seeing Manorama is cleaning pistol. Sampoorna tries to know what’s Manorama’s true intention using Bondita. She plays her card to create misunderstanding. She steals some keys from Bondita and Bondita gets doubtful about Manorama. She searches her room and Manorama gets angry. At heat of the moment she raises her hand to slap Bondita. Trilochan then warns Manorama that she won’t disrespect Bondita again. Anirudh controls himself and later he also rebukes Manorama saying she won’t repeat this thing again.

Anirudh trains Bondita for facing an interview to go to boarding school. Bondita gives answers properly in front of Anirudh but then she does the opposite in front of the interviewer. She acts like she is slow learner. Anirudh gets disappointed. Manorama makes him understand that he needs to use Bondita’s anger. Anirudh agrees to do so without losing his calm.

Bondita dreams of playing Holi with Anirudh. She recalls one incident when Anirudh eliminated her fear of colors. Bondita and Anirudh applied color on each other. Bondita got to learn about typewriter as well. This year Bondita expects the same thing from Anirudh and thinks of receiving typewriter from Anirudh as a gift.

Next day she tries to put Colors on Anirudh but Manorama comes to Anirudh and Bondita feels sad. Will Bondita be able to play Holi with her Patibabu?

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