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Mayura enters Omkar’s house as Dr Khanna’s assistant. She has painted her face black and is wearing glasses to look different. Omkar asks Tara to meet Mayura. Tara smiles at her and Manjiri asks if she is the one. Mayura introduces herself as Nayan. Manjiri makes a disgusting face looking at her but Tara keeps smiling seeing her. Tara goes to her and Mayura bends down, Tara touches her scar and says she is very beautiful.Omkar says Manjiri how easily Tara has opened up to Mayura.

While Tara is climbing up the stairs, the bucket maid was using rolls down towards Tara, Mayura runs and saves her which makes Omkar let her stay at his house. At night Omkar and Manjiri tries to feed fruits to Tara but later Mayura comes in angel outfit and happily feeds her. Mayura distracts maid and mixes sleeping medicine in milk but her plan fails as Omkar doesn’t drink the milk. He gets shocked seeing Tara isn’t there on bed with Manjiri.

Mayura is about to leave the house, when she hears Omkar’s voice and get shocked. Even Shankar has come there and says he missed Tara so he came.Mayura comes to hall and starts acting innocent. Tara comes down and says she probably had fallen down from bed and rolled under the bed. Omkar scolds Manjiri and says she cannot take care of Tara properly.

Tara runs away from Manjiri while she wants to asks to tie her hair. Mayura comes there and says she can make many hairstyles even like princess.Tara requests her to let Mayura make her hairstyle. Mayura asks Tara for a wish, she first asks for her mother and later for a friend. Nisha comes in disguise and says she was taking orphanage kids on picnic but bus stopped working outside their house. Many kids enter and start playing around.Tara happily plays with them. Omkar scolds Tara, she is about to cry so Mayura hugs her and tells Omkar that its not Tara’s fault. Omkar again scolds Manjiri for letting kids inside. Later she meets Ashutosh and gives Tara’s passport to him.

Omkar takes Tara on a long drive and Mayura accompanied them. Tara asks him if she can open the window, but Omkar denies. Manjiri goes to Nisha’s house to inquire about Ms. Nayan but bodyguard comes and says they need to go back as Omkar’s car has stopped working. Tara requests him to get coconut water for her. Omkar instructs Mayura to take care of Tara and goes. Tara asks Mayura to open the window. Tara has breathing difficulty so Mayura takes her outside. When she comes back with bottle, she finds Tara is missing. Omkar also comes there and shouts at Mayura for bringing Tara outside. She says sorry but asks him to find Tara first. Mayura finds Tara at a distance.

Omkar leaves Mayura there and goes home with Tara. Omkar tells Mayura that she is no more needed and throws her out. Omkar wipes tears from Tara’s face as she falls asleep.Shankar requests Omkar to bring back nurse. Omkar says he has taken a decision to leave Jabalpur. Omkar says he has booked tickets for next day. Shankar calls Mayura and informs her about Omkar’s decision to leave the city.

Tara sees kids playing holi with their families and feel upset. Tara pleads Omkar that she wants to play holi with her nurse friend . But Omkar lies to her saying he had called her but she denied to come . Mayura asks Shankar to once let her talk to Tara. Mayura tells her plan to Tara and asks her to act bravely. Tara starts crying and asking to let her play holi with nurse friend. She lies down on floor and acts stubborn.

Omkar calls Mayura and tells her to come to his house asap as Tara wants to play holi with her. Tara asks Omkar if her nurse friend will come for holi, Omkar says she will. Omkar tells they won’t play holi with water and colors instead with flowers. Shankar requests him to do arrangements for thandai. Megha and Sanjay have returned back from dubai.

Omkar opens his arms for Tara but she passes by him and goes to hug Mayura. Omkar feels upset. Tara makes everyone dance. Mayura slips and falls in Omkar’s arms. Mayura mixes bhang in thandai and serves it to everyone. Omkar sees Mayura taking Tara aside so he pulls her to one side.

In the upcoming episodes we will see if Mayura gets successful in her plan to run away with Tara and give her an independent life or gets trapped by Omkar once again! Stay tuned to new episodes of Pinjara on colors tv and voot app to know more.