The festival of colours; Holi is here, and these celebrities cannot wait to celebrate it with their near and dear ones! This is what they are doing this year!

Amit Das
I haven’t played Holi since childhood. In my childhood days, I used to be very scared of the colours. I avoid going out during Holi even today. But I have seen people enjoying it like anything. It has become a tradition, and has become more like 31st nights. But, Holi in Vrindavan, Shantiniketan is very different which is tremendously different with flowers. I know that as Holi comes, summer comes together.

Vaishali Made
For everyone, Holi is very important and full of happiness. Just like how people get together during Ganpati, all the families and friends get together to celebrate Holi too. It’s a very beautiful festival that takes place. For me, I have very beautiful memories from my childhood days. During my school days, we used to go to the ‘Khet’ and pick flowers which had colours in them. Then we used to boil the flowers and then we played with those colours. This memory is very special to me. We used to play with all the natural colours.

Simple Kaul
I love festivals in general and Holi is one of my favourite festivals. I play Holi with my close friends because they bring a lot of joy to me. Holi signifies unity, celebration with a lot of fun, enjoyment and family time. Festivals remind you of your strong roots. It reminds me of my family. I remember my childhood days that I spent with my family, neighbours. It used to be so much fun. We used full water balloons and threw them at random people and then ran away. We would surprise people with so many colours, water balloons and pichkari. In Delhi, Holi is celebrated in a great way. And obviously, not to forget the yummy sweets!

Sagar Parekh
I can’t help but feel the excitement building up. For me, it’s not just about the colours or the delicious food; it’s about celebrating the joy. This festival holds a special place in my heart, as it brings back memories of my childhood, with laughter and every face was painted with colours and happiness. When it comes to the food, oh, where do I even begin? From mouth-watering sweets like gujiya and malpua to savoury delights like samosas and chaat. As for celebrating, I plan to celebrate it, surrounded by loved ones, relishing every moment and every bite of those festive delicacies that make this day even more special.

Hemani Chawla
Well, Holi has always been the same for me, I stay away from my family, and I celebrate Holi with my friends here in Mumbai, we have this huge group of friends, and we usually gather at one of their places, for-starters we get a dhol, then the DJ takes over and after 7 hours of dancing we order food, we eat, we laugh and we leave for our respective homes. By the way, we also have our special Holi playlist. Well, when I was a child Holi used to be very simple, we all family members used to meet and just have a good time, when I was a little kid, I once got influenced by some colony friends and I started throwing balloons at people who were walking on the street.

Angad Hasija
So, whenever I hear about Holi, it brings back memories of my childhood. I was really young back then, and I used to fill up water balloons and secretly throw them at people because I was quite shy. This happened in Delhi, where we used to fill up a whole bucket with water and start playing Holi about ten days before the actual festival. Everyone would start throwing water balloons at each other, and it had its own charm. Nowadays, things are quite different, and kids don’t really engage in such activities anymore. However, my friends and I still like to get together during Holi, maybe have a cheat day where we indulge in some junk food or sweets. That’s our plan for this Holi.

Shubhangi Atre
This time, I’m really considering going to a Holi party somewhere; let’s see. Last time, I stayed home with my friends, but this time, I might go out to a party. I think Holi is a festival of colors, joy, happiness, dancing, and fun; it’s all about chaos, and that’s what makes Holi beautiful. However, I’m not a big fan of too much color; I prefer playing Holi with gulal and enjoying a rain dance. Yes, I don’t eat a lot, but I definitely enjoy the colors, fun, and maybe some bhang. I love dahi bhalle; my mom used to make amazing ones on Holi, along with gujiyas, jalebis, besan ke ladoos, chakli, and bhakarwadi. Back in childhood, Holi used to start in the morning and go on until night, and I would have to search for my parents to bring them home. I was quite mischievous and used to have a lot of fun. Though those days are over, I’ll still have a blast with a bit of rain dance, fun with friends, and maybe some bhang. So, Happy Holi to all of you. Have fun!

Monika Singh
This time, I’ll be celebrating Holi in Goa as it’s my friend’s birthday. Holi is one of my favorite festivals, and I enjoy playing pranks with my friends before heading to their homes to apply colors. Everyone in my group is scared of me. During Holi, we prepare shakarparas, Gujiyas, and Dahi Bhalle. All our friends and relatives come to our homes, and we welcome them with these festive treats.

Manjari Mishra
Holi is a festival of colors, signifying the victory of good over evil and a time for joy and rejuvenation. Personally, I don’t play Holi because of my shooting commitments. However, I do use herbal colors and apply just a small tikka. My favorite foods are definitely Gujiya and malpua; I love eating them all. I don’t usually eat many sweets, but Holi is an exception. As for childhood memories, I have so many. The colors weren’t as harsh back then. We used to play with watercolors, dry colors, and we used to play wildly. Our moms used to make us bathe for an hour afterward. But now, if we decide to play, we should do so with caution and be aware of all the precautions

Charrul Malik
I don’t have any plans for a big celebration because we already had a blast celebrating Holi on set, playing with colors and mud in a unique way. However, I personally don’t enjoy playing with colors much, so I prefer staying at home, enjoying sweets like Gujjiya, and wishing everyone over the phone. I’m not really into Holi parties or playing with colors much. Holi holds a lot of significance; it’s a vibrant festival that marks a new beginning as the seasons change. It’s particularly important to me because back in Chandigarh, we used to celebrate Holi with great enthusiasm during my childhood days. Those memories of throwing water balloons and playful banter are precious to me, even though times have changed, and we can’t celebrate in the same way anymore. The essence of the festival remains, but the way we celebrate has evolved. Now, I cherish the time I get to spend with my family during Holi; it’s more than just a celebration, it’s about creating memories and bonding with loved ones. Holi holds a special place in my heart because of the nostalgic memories it brings back, and I’m eagerly looking forward to it.