Yeh Hai Chahatein Weekly update

This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Doctor decides to give electric shock treatment to Kabir and he informs about it to Kabir. He says to him that his muscles will react with electric shock. Kabir is unable to bear the pain and stand up. Sulochana acts like Kabir recovered because of the treatment and she thanks Doctor and she decides to inform about Kabir’s recovery to Rudraksh. Preesha says to Doctor that she was right about Kabir and asks him to say the truth to Rudraksh. Doctor says to her that he will tell the truth to Rudraksh. Sulochana realises that Preesha already knows about their lie and Doctor too knows about it. So she gives bribe to Doctor and asks him to lie to Rudraksh, but he refused.

Kabir plans to kidnap Rudraksh with CC’s help and CC agrees to kidnap Rudraksh for money. CC kidnaps Rudraksh. Sharda learns that Rudraksh missed the flight and she informs about it to Preesha. Mishka calls Ahana and informs her that Police found Rudraksh’s car and they are suspecting that someone kidnapped him. Kabir thinks now Preesha will forget about him because her priority is Rudraksh now. Saaransh asks Preesha about Rudraksh and Preesha lies to him saying Rudraksh will return after completing his work. Gopal tells Preesha to approach Police to find Rudraksh.

Kabir calls CC and yells at him for not calling Preesha yet. He says to CC that Preesha thinking to go to Police and if Police got involved in Rudraksh’s kidnap then they will get nothing and orders him to call Preesha right now. CC calls Preesha and informs her about Rudraksh’s kidnap and demands 10 crore from her and warns her to not approach Police. Preesha informs everything to her family and asks Ahana to arrange the maximum cash. Preesha meets Police inspector and informs him about Rudraksh’s kidnap. Jerry goes to prison to meet his girlfriend and there he sees Mahima and informs her about Rudraksh’s kidnap. Mahima says to him that if he executed her plan then he will get 10 crore.

Sharda notices that more than 2 crore cash are missing in the locker and informs about it to Preesha. Preesha questions Sulochana. Sulochana says to Preesha that she took that cash to help her friend. Sharda and Preesha wonders how they are going to arrange 2 crore now. Ahana learns that Kabir is behind Rudraksh’s kidnap. Sharda and Preesha decides to sell their jewels to arrange 2 crore. Preesha receives the message from Kidnapper. Jerry helps Mahima and Maria to escape from prison. Mahima recalls how she told Jerry to kidnap Rudraksh from CC if he wants 10 crore cash then. Preesha waits for the Kidnapper. Police inspector informs Preesha that his team surrounded that area so she need not to worry.

Mahima reveals her plan to Maria. Jerry’s car comes there. Mahima’s Goons beats Jerry and others then they kidnaps Rudraksh from them. Preesha decides to wait for some more time and prays to God for Rudraksh’s safety. CC learns that someone kidnapped Rudraksh from him. Jerry instigates CC against Kabir. CC calls Kabir and informs him about Rudraksh’s kidnap. Kabir asks him to tell the truth and convinces CC that he didn’t kidnap Rudraksh. Preesha returns to the house. Maria calls Preesha and asks her to give 10 crore and Saaransh in exchange of Rudraksh. Preesha hides about Kidnapper’s demand to her family. Ahana thinks Preesha definitely hiding something from them and confronts her.

Sharda asks Preesha to tell the truth. Preesha tells Sharda that Kidnapper wants Saaransh now. She says to her that she thinks Mahima is behind Rudraksh’s kidnap and she decides to go to prison to check Mahima. Kabir says to Sulochana that this CC is really useless. Sulochana asks him to call CC and inform about Kidnapper’s call. Kabir informs CC about the call Preesha received and CC decides to find the betrayer. Preesha informs Police inspector about Kidnapper’s demand. She says to him that they need to confirm that Mahima is in the prison or not. He calls Jailer and learns about the fire accident which happened in the prison and he informs about it to Preesha. Maria informs Jerry about Mahima’s demand. She tells him that let Mahima do whatever she wants because they are getting money and they can live happily with that money.

Jailer says to Police inspector that many died in the fire accident so he can’t help him in any way. Preesha says to Police inspector that she is sure that Mahima is the reason for this fire accident because it’s her way of escaping and  Mahima is behind Rudraksh’s kidnap too. Jerry tells CC that he went to meet Maria. CC learns about the fire accident which happened in the prison and no one is allowed to meet the criminals. Police inspector says to Preesha that he found a way to rescue Rudraksh without involving Saaransh. Preesha visits Police inspector to know about his plan. He introduces Rahul to Preesha saying he will go with her as Saaransh. She hesitates to put Rahul’s life in danger. But Rahul assures her saying he is well trained for these kind of operations and it’s his 5th operation.

Preesha moves with Rahul towards Jerry and asks Jerry about Rudraksh. Jerry asks her to handover Saaransh and cash first, but she refused. CC’s Goons shoots Jerry. Mahima and Maria escapes from there. Police inspector informs Preesha that two gang involed in Rudraksh’s kidnap. He orders Constable to admit Jerry in the hospital. Preesha notices that Saaransh is missing and she thinks someone kidnapped him too.

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