Yeh Hai Chahatein Weekly Update

This week Yeh Hai Chahatein begins with Vasudha asks Preesha about Sulochana’s behaviour. Sunny meets Rudraksh and introduce himself as Rudraksh’s son and gives his mother’s letter to him. Rudraksh reads the letter and learns that Sunny’s mother going to die soon because of disease that’s why she send Sunny to him and also she mentioned about the party where he and Sunny’s monther consummated in drunken state and he tries to remember what happened that party night but he just remember that he drank a lot of alcohol then fainted.

Preesha tells Vasudha that what all she did to stop Kabir and Ahana’s marriage. Vasudha says to her that Preesha did wrong by involving Yuvraj in her plan and tells her to convince Rudraksh because she hurted him. Rudraksh introduces Sunny as his friend’s son to Khurana’s. Saaransh and Sunny fights for milkshake and Rudraksh gives that milkshake to Sunny. Then he tries to find Sunny’s mother.

Vasudha and Sharda tells Preesha to convince Rudraksh because she is wrong in their fight. Preesha takes food to Rudraksh and asks him to talk to her. He asks her that why he will talk to her when she involved Yuvraj in her plan and deceived whole family and she still finding chance to insult Sulochana but expects that he has to talk to her like nothing happened. Yuvraj sees Preesha crying and he informs about it to Sulochana and reveals to her that he planned something else also and blast will happen soon.

Sunny tells Preesha that Rudraksh is his father, later changes it saying that Rudraksh treats him like his own son that’s why he said that. Ahana and Kabir runs from the restaurant seeing Rudraksh. Sonia tries to get close with Rudraksh in the swimming pool while playing with him. Preesha feels bad seeing them together but Rudraksh ignores her completely and plays with Sonia, Saaransh and Sunny.

Sulochana also sees that and later she praises Sonia. She asks Yuvraj about his blast. Yuvraj informs her that it will take time for his bomb to blast. At night, Sunny goes to Rudraksh’s room and tells him that he is afraid to sleep alone and Saaransh makes fun of him. Rudraksh asks Saaransh to not do that again and tells Sunny that he can sleep in his room with them. But Saaransh don’t like that but stays silent. Preesha says to Sharda that Rudraksh is not ready to listen her and also informs her that what happened in the swimming pool.

Sharda tells her to not get jealous and Preesha need to save her relationship and asks her to focus on that. Preesha suspects Rudraksh’s behaviour towards Sunny. Rudraksh gives toys to Sunny and Sunny scolds Rudraksh for not knowing about his mother. Sharda learns that Sunny is Rudraksh’s son. She confronts Rudraksh and he tells everything to her. She asks him to find out the truth as soon as possible. Preesha tells Sunny to share his toys with Saaransh.

Saaransh plays with helicopter and it’s breaks while playing. Sunny shows his helicopter to Rudraksh and tells him that Saaransh broke it. Saaransh tries to defend himself and Preesha takes his side. Rudraksh and Preesha fights with each other. Vasudha warns Preesha to stay silent. Later, Rudraksh scolds Sunny for accusing Saaransh and reveals that he knows that Reema is his mother. Sunny demands new helicopter from him. Sulochana and Yuvraj discuss about Ahana and Kabir’s decision.

Rudraksh surprises Saaransh by giving many toys to him and Saaransh hugs him. Rudraksh says to him that he and Preesha are the most important people of his life. Preesha and Vasudha overhears that and smiles. Vasudha says to Preesha that Rudraksh won’t change. Rudraksh finds Kabir and brings him home. Mishka asks Kabir about Ahana. Kabir reveals about Ahana’s father’s death and informs them that Ahana went to London to wrap up his business and she will return after 6 months. Mishka shatters hearing him and runs towards her room.

Kabir gets angry seeing Yuvraj. Yuvraj threatens him. Rudraksh yells at Yuvraj for threatening Kabir. Kabir tries to attack Yuvraj in anger but Sulochana takes him inside. Preesha makes Rudraksh’s favorite dish but he refuse to eat that. But she keep trying to convince him and he ignores her. Saaransh pulls Preesha inside the swimming pool and asks Rudraksh to save her saying that she don’t know swimming, according to his and Sharda’s plan.

Rudraksh rescues her and hugs her. She expresses how guilty she is for hurting him and pleads him to forgive her. He also apologize to her for his rude behaviour towards her and hugs her again. Sonia sees that. Sulochana tries to stop Yuvraj and Kabir’s fight and tells them that they need to separate Rudraksh and Preesha. Sonia tells her that they can’t do that.

Sonia informs Sulochana, Yuvraj and Kabir about Rudraksh and Preesha’s patch up. She says to Sulochana that she is just a friend for Rudraksh and no matter what she do she can’t separate Rudraksh and Preesha because he loves Preesha so much. Sulochana asks Yuvraj about his blast. Yuvraj says to her that his plan is in process so blast will happen soon. Sunny notices that Saaransh playing with helicopter and learns that Rudraksh bought it for him. Sunny says to Saaransh that he is also Rudraksh’s son but Saaransh refuse to believe him.

Sunny bangs his head on the pillar and says to others that Saaransh beated him. Preesha questions Sunny. Sunny reveals that he is Rudraksh’s son then he faints and Preesha treats his wound. They learns that Saaransh is missing and Rudraksh finds him. Preesha makes him understand that Rudraksh loves him so much. Saaransh gets convinced and hugs his parents. Sulochana tells Kabir that this Sunny’s truth will break Rudraksh and Preesha’s relationship and thanks God. Yuvraj asks her to not give the credit to God.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that, Preesha will question Sunny about his mother. He will reply her saying that he don’t know where is his mother now but just knows that she was admitted in the hospital.

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