Star Plus youth-based love story Shaurya and Anokhi Ki Kahani is going through a very interesting turn on the story line right now. While the fans of the show are already sad about Anokhi and Shaurya being separated from each other. Shaurya is desperate to meet Anokhi but then he meets with an accident and everything gets ruined. However, since he went out to meet Anokhi, he is nowhere to be found and along with it Anokhi witnessed for the first time the brutality of Vineet when she finds out her sister is in such a helpless and distressed state. A lot of things happened last week which made the entire story take a new turn from here on.

The week started with Shaurya finally got to know from Aastha that Anokhi did come to meet him and it was his family members and specially his elder aunt Devi, who didn’t allow her to come in front and outside of the house for a longer period. An angry Shaurya confronted his family members over this and once again confessed his love for Anokhi and also said that I had a lot of things planned for that day but due to you people everything got ruined and now it has turned into a worst nightmare which I never imagined. He went out of the house to meet Anokhi so that he can clear all the issues. On the other hand, Anokhi decided to call off her relationship with him without conversing with him about the reason for his breakup with Shagun.

Anokhi got to know the next day that Shaurya went out of his house to meet her but he really didn’t come and he did not even go back to his house either. All the family members who are extremely worried regarding his whereabouts. Shagun comes to question her regarding it and Anokhi tells her that if he is your partner then you should have information about him and not me. The other hand, Aastha comes back to the hotel where Saberwal’s family is staying and proposes to inform the police to know about his location.

At first Devi is not much improved by Aastha coming back and claiming her rights on Shaurya as a mother but later both the mothers come to a middle point and agree that all they want is the well-being of Shaurya and they want him to come back all safe and sound. While the family is looking for Shaurya. Vineet got hold of the wrist watch of Shaurya surprisingly with him and Anokhi sensor something is not right with Vineet. She tried to discuss the matter with her elder sister Babli but she really didn’t pay attention to it. Another day goes by without any news or information about Shaurya.

Devi had it enough with her patience and decided to confront Anokhi for as she believes that Anokhi knows where he is. However Anokhi denied having any information regarding Shaurya. Not only that, she also said that she is not even interested to know where he is and what he is up to. It should be them and people who are concerned about him have an idea about his location. Later on, Anokhi destroyed the first gift of Shaurya to her that is her birthday dress mercilessly to wipe off his memories from her mind. However she got worried about her sister when Babli didn’t show up after she went into the room with her husband Vineet when he got slapped by Kanchan for misbehaving with her.

Atlast the family got a call from the kidnapper asking for a ransom amount of money to leave Shaurya safe and sound. Not only this, the kidnapper turned out to be none other than Vineet, the brother-in-law of Anokhi. Anokhi rescued her sister from the room of Vineet and Babli and they took shelter in the room of Shaurya as there was no one except them and she asked her sister to come out from this marriage immediately. On the other hand the family is ready with the amount Vineet was asking for. However Tej decided to file a police complaint so that the offender should get caught on time. Shaurya is seen to be in a roped state with a piece of cloth in his mouth so that he can’t shout and make noises. However, the crime partner of the name is not happy with the amount they are asking in exchange of Shaurya since he is from a rich family and they can ask for more money from them.

Will Babli be able to take a call about her abusive marriage? Will Anokhi get to know on time that it is Vineet behind the absence of Shaurya? Will the family get back Shaurya safely and sound from the clutches of the kidnappers or will it be the end of everything? To know all these, tune into Star Plus from Monday to Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

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