Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Weekly update

This week it’s seen that Vyom calls Riddhima to enquire about the deal. Vansh takes the mobile from Riddhima to know who’s on the otherside of the call, but Vyom ends the call. Vansh offers Riddhima juice which she drinks it.

Aryan goes to Vansh and asks to return his gun. Vansh gives him the gun and says he has forgiven him which shocks Aryan. Later Vansh gets Riddhima’s finger prints from the juice glass and unlocks Riddhima’s phone, but he doesn’t see any number and realizes Riddhima became smart. Riddhima watches Vansh from far.

Meanwhile Ishani goes to Aryan to get painkillers for Angre. Aryan gets shocked learning Angre is alive and asks Ishani about the same. Ishani gets doubtful on Aryan. She snatches his gun and asks him to tell the truth. Ishani shoots Aryan when he confesses he had shot Angre. Aryan doesn’t get hurt and realises the bullets are fake and understands Vansh’s tricks.

Sia meets Vyom. He gifts her  a dress. Sia comes wearing it. That time Vyom is on video call with Riddhima so he asks her go out of the room. Sia’s diamond earring falls down. Vyom picks it up. Riddhima notices the earing and questions Vyom about the same, but he avoids her question. Riddhima seeks Vyom’s help. She asks him to send a precious gift to reach the black box.

Ishani confronts Vansh. She lashes out at Vansh for putting Anger’s life at risk for his gain. Later Angre and Vansh discuss about finding the passcode of the black box. Kiara overhears them and realizes she gave the black box to Vansh. She recollects how the person, who asked her to deliver the black box, made her unconscious and tattooed something on her back. Meanwhile Vansh asks Angre to go the jungle to find any clue.

Riddhima receives a parcel from Vyom which contains a diamond pendant. Later Riddhima comes across Sia who came back home late. Riddhima questions Sia where she has gone. Sia gives her a rude reply which shocks Riddhima.

Ishani tries to stop Angre from going out for the mission given by Vansh. Angre somehow convinces Ishani and leaves. Riddhima comes across Angre and tries to know where he’s going, but Angre doesn’t tell her anything. When Angre questions Riddhima why she’s doing all this, she replies that she’s doing everything for Vansh.

Later Riddhima tries to open the safe. The alarm rings and Vansh comes there. Riddhima shows the diamond pendant and lies that she tried to open the safe to put it inside the safe. Vansh puts the pendant in the safe. Riddhima sees where Vansh puts the safe’s remote.

Angre reaches the jungle and finds a cottage there. He goes near the cottage and hears some noises coming from the cottage. Angre enquires to the cottage’s guard about it. However the guard tells he’s a hunter and gives some excuses. The guard gets the call from someone whom he calls as madame. Meanwhile Riddhima tries to steal the box, but she gets the guard’s call and leaves from there. Vansh is watching her. 

Other side Dadi and Anupriya go to Sia and ask where she has gone last night. Sia answer back Dadi rudely. Anupriya scolds Sia and asks to apologize to Dadi. Dadi blames Riddhima for Sia’s rude behavior. Later Angre informs Vansh that he heard some noice coming from the cottage and the guard talked over phone to a madam. Vansh recollects Riddhima receiving a call. Vansh asks Angre to find out what is there in the cottage.

Vansh notices Riddhima going out and follows her. She goes to a medical shop. Then she comes back home and plays with dart. Vansh asks Riddhima where she went. Riddhima says to get medecine for her headache. She recalls asking the guard to collect medecine for Kabir from the medical shop. Dadi comes there and tells Vansh about Sia’s rude behavior and blames Riddhima. 

Meanwhile Angre comes back home injured. Ishani worries on seeing his condition. She says that he got hurt because of Vansh and decides to talk to him. Ishani comes to Vansh. She shouts at Vansh and asks not to use Angre as a bullet proof jacket and leaves. Vansh gets furious and hurts his hand. Riddhima worries. Vansh asks her to tell the truth. However Riddhima refuses to tell him. Vansh angrily walks away. Riddhima thinks that she can’t say because it’s not just about her.

Vansh goes to Angre to get the cottage’s location. Angre wants to accompany Vansh, but ishani stops him. Vansh decides to go alone. Meanwhile Riddhima meets Kabir. She recalls shooting Kabir before he can shoot Vansh. Riddhima tells Kabir that he can’t harm Vansh. He started the game, but she will play it according to her now. Kabir warns Riddhima that Vansh will not spare him nor her when he will learn the secret. Riddhima asks the guard to shift Kabir.

Other side, Aryan and Ishani join hands against Vansh and Riddhima. They decide to expose Vansh in front of Dadi when they will get a proof against Vansh. Vansh reaches the cottage. He does not find anyone there. He sees chains and blood stains and realizes someone was held captive here. He finds an address written on the wall. He takes a photo of it and leaves. Meanwhile Riddhima brings Kabir to a new place. She recalls writing a fake address on the wall.

Vansh reaches the address and realizes it’s fake. Meanwhile Riddhima steals the black box and informs Vyom. She asks Vyom to collect the black box from the dustbin. Vansh reaches home and finds that the black box is missing. He checks the CCTV and sees Riddhima going out. He follows her and sees Riddhima putting the black box in the dustbin. Before Vansh can reach the black box, a man in black hoody takes it.

Sia is talking with Vyom in a video call. Riddhima passes by that side and  hears their conversation. Riddhima confronts Sia. She warns Sia about Vyom and asks to stay from him. Sia questions Riddhima then why she meets Vyom secretly. Riddhima refuses to reveal to her anything. Sia asks her not to interfere in her personal matter. Riddhima leaves getting upset.

 Vansh prepares a romantic surprise for Riddhima. They spend some romantic moments. Riddhima feels guilty to hide the truth from him and tells that she wants to tell something important and asks him to wait for some time.

Sia tells Ishani that Riddhima warned her about Vyom, but she scolded Riddhima. She further tells that Riddhima meets Vyom secretly. Ishani gets shocked. Sia wants to tell this to Vansh, but Ishani stops her saying Vansh will take Riddhima’s side.

Riddhima arranges romantic surprise for Vansh and they both share a romantic moment. Vyom keeps calling Riddhima, but she cuts his calls. Vansh asks her attend the call. Vyom scolds Riddhima and says the black box is fake. He calls the deal off which shocks Riddhima. Riddhima confronts Vansh and asks why he cheated her. Vansh denies and says she took him here to tell the truth and asks to tell it. Riddhima refuses to tell. Vansh says the truth cannot be hide for longtime. Later it’s revealed Vansh changed the black box color into orange.

Riddhima is tensed and wondering how to find the black box. Vansh comes to her. He says that he is her husband and asks to share whatever troubling her. Riddhima asks him to give his trust, understanding and some time to her. Vansh agrees and kisses her hand. Later Ishani confronts Riddhima. Ishani asks Riddhima to think what will happen to her when Vansh and Dadi will learn that she meets Vyom secretly. Riddhima looks on shocked.

In the upcoming week Vansh will follow Riddhima and will find out about Kabir. He will confront Riddhima. He will say to Riddhima that she is using Kabir to ruin his business. He will ask whether their love and relation is fake.

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