Getting lost in those sparkling Hazel Eyes

Eyes have their own vocabulary, one who understands doesn’t need word to support. They ooze thoughts of inner self. In Telly town, there are few actors who have dazzling hazel eyes. They are captivating and if you look in them, you wish to be there, forever.

Shaheer Sheikh:

Cute and handsome Shaheer Sheikh is bundle of talent and one of the most versatile actor. Shaheer tells every story through eyes. Sometimes Shaheer don’t have dialogues, his eyes exhibit every emotion which he wants to play. On a lighter note, they glow from every angle even upside down. Metaphorically, Shaheer has eyes which has depth of sea. Dev speaks through eyes. One who has sailed can never forget that experience.



Barun Sobti:

Hot and handsome Barun Sobti is master of husky voice and hypnotic pair of eyes. Ask the girls who have drowned in mesmerizing eyes of Arnav Singh Raizada, they are still finding it hard to escape. Barun is said to be expression King, of which his eyes play the major part. Whether sorrow or happiness, anger or depression, Barun knows how to reveal every sentiment without words through those dazzling pair of Haider.



Vivian Dsena:

What can be a better example of his spellbinding eyes other than that he had done a Vampire character in which eyes play key role. All his characters were romantic ones where words have no meaning because true emotions are shown once one look in those glittering pair. Harman loves Saumya and he doesn’t need full page dialogue to show, a glance is enough.


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