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Episode begins with Virat’s dad telling him how in his days during his posting in Kashmir, the militants attacked at them and he panicked due to which he delayed in firing the gun, the militant fired and one of her mates became shield for him, after which he killed that militant. His dad says he felt very unfit for the job and after this incident he gave up and took early retirement.

Virat says but you said because of health reasons. His dad says that I couldn’t say the real reason, till that only you know. Virat says don’t worry papa, I will make you proud. They go out so that Virat can greet everyone. Virat greets everyone then Devyani comes and says all the best and guess what you forgot? Virat says what? Devyani gives him his badge.

Devyani says now you are a police, so you remember your promise? Virat says which promise tai? Devyani says now you need to find me a husband. Kaku says there is no husband for you, Devyani is about to react but Ashwini stops her, she first gives besan ke laddu to Virat and then takes Devyani with her to give her sheera. Virat is emotional thinking about Devyani’s mental state. Virat then takes blessings and leaves. Mohit says I will help you with luggage. Virat calls Ashwini and gives her a flying kiss.

Pakhi’s mom ask her to be ready and not to be inside this phone. Pakhi says I don’t want to meet any guy. Pakhi’s dad says for now just meet if you dont like then say no. Pakhi’s dad asks ger if she has any other guy in her life. Pakhi blushes and says no and goes to her room.

Samrat comes and sees maid taking food somewhere. He says wow Ashwini mami’s food I want to eat it. He starts eating it. Kaku comes and says what is this you came and didn’t say only. He says I was so hungry and Ashwini mami’s food is always yum. Kaku then asks how you came so early? Samrat says I wanted to give all of you surprise as I didn’t bring anything. He then bends to touch her feet.

Kaku says your hands have food in it, my saree will be spoilt. Samrat says no worries wear the saree I brought for you. Kaku laughs on this. He then greets everyone and asks where is Virat. Kaku informs that Virat has become ACP and had to leave for his posting early. Samrat says that is not fair. Samrat’s mom comes and do her aarti. She infroms Samrat that we will be going to see a girk for you for marriage. Samrat says why so early? I am so happy. Kaku says it’s time for you to settle now.

Samrat then calls Virat and says you should have been here to help him prepare to meet the girl. Virat says even I wanted to but what to do something urgent came up.

Here, Sai and mausi are on cycle. Sai has brought suitcases for helping them pack for Nagpur. The chain of the cycle slips, Sai fixes it. As soon as she is about to go, a splash of mud was thrown at them by Virat’s car. She runs and sees Virat and is about to say something but the car goes. Sai says she will not leave him.

Pakhi’s mom says with just eyebrows and clean up you look so bright. Pakhi is irritated as Virat hasn’t called. Her mom is giving some tips and Pakhi shouts at her saying I feel like a painting in an exhibition and you trying to showcase it. Pakhi’s mom shouts at her to talk properly and says what happened to you god knows after you came back from that camp you are just like this. Pakhi’s mom leave and Pakhi’s friend arrived.

Pakhi and her friend talk about how to reach to Virat. Pakhi wishes that she should have taken Virat’s number too. Pakhi’s friend asks her if she is really sure that Virat liked her. Pakhi remembers all the moments and says yes I know. She calls the yoga camp resort, she asks the receptionist for the number but she says it’s against their policy. Then she gets an idea and asks her to connect her with the yoga instructor. Yoga instructor remembers her as she says that you two were the only ones who were into each other and not yoga. Pakhi blushes. She then asks her about Virat’s number. The instructor says it’s against the policy but I will give you as I saw your chemistry. Pakhi gets happy to get the number.

Virat reaches the station to see a police officer refusing to pay one auto wala for his travel. Virat gives the money to auto wala and goes in. He then silently takes the wallet of that policeman and takes the money he gave to auto. The policeman says how dare you. Virat says who he is and the policeman apologise. Kamal enters and thinks about all the time while he was training Virat and he smiles. Virat then asks Kamal to file a suspension letter for the policeman who took advantage of the uniform. He then scolds Kamal too for his behaviour of dragging a prisoner publicly and humiliating him. Kamal tries to explain but Virat says you are not a judge to decide that. Virat asks about his quater, kamal takes him their.

Here, Sai is cleaning the new suitcase which now had mud. Sai says she will not leave that man who was in the cab. Mausi calms her down and says smile and get ready or else everyone will think this girl topped then also she is not happy. Mausi also reminds Sai about ACP’s welcome to be done by Sai. Sai says she can’t forget ACP as because of him they are able to go to Nagpur. They both smile.

Reaching the quater, Kamal says DM sir kept an event for your welcome. Kamal is about to leave. Virat says Kamal sir, I feel so lucky to meet you, my teacher, my guru who helped me reach this position. Kamal says you didn’t seem happy back then. Virat says you have only taught me feelings and duty should be kept apart. Kamal smiles.

Episode ends.

Precap – Virat comes to the event, Sai is shocked to see him as the ACP. While Sai has to welcome him with garland, ACP gets a phone call from unknown number. Virat says hello hello. Pakhi is sad he didn’t even save her number. Virat says who is this? Pakhi says wrong number and keeps the phone, crying. Sai says can I now welcome you. She puts the garland and welcomes Virat unwillingly.