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Episode starts with Bhavani taking Pakhi’s side. She says Sai is annoying and how she made a simple thing a big issue. She always talks about leaving the house but never leaves. While Pakhi is staying with them to save Chavans respect. She is living without Samrat. Virat almost loses his calm and controls his anger.

Sai meets Devyani and she hugs her happily. Devyani asks why is she sad? Pulkit says Sai didn’t have anything since morning. Sai looks upset and Devyani cheers her up. Pulkit tells Sai to eat something and also to stay tonight in his house. Pulkit says he will inform Virat that she is here. Sai snatches the phone saying why she needs permission from her husband always. He is not her guardian. If Virat cares for her he will find out on his own

Bhavani keeps talking nonsense about Sai that Ashwini always supports Sai saying she is educated. But Pakhi is no less. She also deserves same respect. Bhavani insists Virat and Pakhi to have food together. Virat gets shocked to hear that. Pakhi tells Bhavani to force them. She says she wants to go to her maternal home. She feels suffocated here. Virat apologises to Pakhi on behalf of Sai and tells her stay back. Pakhi says is he saying sorry being Sai’s husband? Virat says Sai is not here so he is saying sorry.

Pakhi says its his wrong thinking that Sai will apologise to her ever. Bhavani says Pakhi won’t eat so if Virat gives her company she will eat. Virat says he is not hungry. Bhavani says Virat should feed Pakhi with his hands to clear all the misunderstanding. Pakhi says no need she will eat. Bhavani says Virat has to make things right but eating with Pakhi.

Virat gets Pulkit’s call. Pulkit says Sai will stay in his house tonight. Virat gets angry and says how can Sai be so irresponsible and leave without informing others. Pulkit says Sai didn’t tell me to call you, but I felt you must be worried for her. He asks what the reason of Sai’s sadness. Virat says to clear the doubts Sai needs to be here, she can’t leave or stay like its a guest house. Ashwini enters. Bhavani starts blaming Sai that she left again and didn’t even inform her husband.

Ashwini thinks means Sai wont be back again. Bhavani adds Sai has always been careless and told Pulkit to call. She badmouths Pulkit too. Virat says Sai didn’t tell Pulkit to call me but he did. Bhavani says Sai didn’t do any favor by informing her own husband.

Sai recalls Pakhi and Virat conversation. She gets disheartened. Pulkit and Madhuri insist Sai to have dinner. Sai denies. Harini comes and gets happy seeing her. She asks why didnt Virat come with her. She shows her special drawing to Sai where Virat, Sai and Harini are seen together. Harini also requests Sai to eat something as someone shouldnt take out the anger on food. Sai recalls Ashwini and agrees.

Bhavani refuses to have dinner saying she would like to drink poison after all these drama. Karishma says because of this drama, she is also starving. Ashwini gets Sai’s call and feels relaxed. Sai tells her not to worry. Bhavani gets irked thinking Sai should have called the eldest member, which is not Ashwini.

Sonali says Sai is deliberately trying to demean you by doing so. Bhavani blames Ashwini for giving freedom to Sai. Ashwini tells Sai why she didn’t inform Virat. Sai says she won’t , she is not wrong, Virat left the room on his own but everyone blamed her. Why can’t anyone understand her feelings. She says she is angry with Virat. Ashwini requests Sai to atleast try to forgive Virat.

Precap- Virat worries for Sai. Pakhi overhears Sunny and Virat’s talk. Sunny says Sai started loving Virat .

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