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The episode begins with Virat and Sai arguing with each other that he didn’t asked anyone to celebrate their marriage anniversary, he tells that he didn’t said anything like that, Sai says that he only told as his real face is like this, she argues with him and did not want to hear anything from him. Virat throws Mohit out of his room, he showed photos to Virat, he asked Mohit to send him the photos. Ninad looks at Ashwini that says that she did lots of makeup, she said that she use to stay away from Ninad because she didn’t want to hurt Bhawani, he tries to clear her doubt that there is nothing between Bhawani and him.

Ninad says that after his brother Bhawani only stood rock solid and take care of everything. He and Omkar respect her alot, Ashiwini apologies to him. Ninad says that why didn’t she cleared all these doubts before, she said that she loved him and doesn’t want to loose him. Ashwini says that we have wasted lots of time together and they will live the life to its fullest, she says that she have only one dream left. Ninad says that he knew what she wants, she says that when Sai will understand Pakhi is not in Virat’s life someday she will realise.

Virat tease Sai that if she wants to see the photos, she couldn’t digest and take Virat’s phone and then she sees the photos. Virat tells her that he wants to take her to their past, as many times she asked him the question that why Pakhi called him in the cafe? Pakhi mind washes Bhawani that Sai has taken everyone in her side even Samrat. She says that she have always respected her and ask her to take house responsibility. Sonali also supports Pakhi, Pakhi says that Omi mama and Sonali will leave the house just due to Sai and what will happen to Chavans family dignity. Karishma says that she is not in Sai team, Pakhi justifies Karishma and says that Sai donot have any resemblance to Chavans family.

Sonali says that Bhawani is not able to take stand, Omkar says that he is leaving the house. Bhawani says that they will not leave the house and now onwards she will be strict to Sai as whatever she has done today with Ninad and Ashwini. Bhawani request Omkar not to leave the house. Virat confess to Sai that Pakhi ask Virat that she should start her life with Samrat or she should wait for him. Sai gets up and moves from there, she says that she is not interested in their matter. Virat says that she should know about him as she is her friend. Sai says that she already knows that he will not return to Pakhi as he will never betray his brother. Viart clears one more misunderstanding that in cafe he was holding Pakhi hand just because she was crying so much and he was consoling her. Sai says that she just over reacted that day, Virat thinks that if Sai stays near him that’s enough for him.

Precap- Virat agrees that he loves Sai, he thinks that will Sai love him and feels same as he feels for her. He prays to God to bring that day soon.

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Ghum Hai Kisi key Pyaar Meiin 10th November 2021 Written Update: Pakhi provokes Bhawani against Sai