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Virat asks Sai if she has kept the tickets and ID proof. Sai tells you can check,Virat tells this time you really didn’t forget anything. He tells you think so much about my family members. Sai tells I know something wrong happened with Devyani. Virat tells I want to know to but I am afraid that if I ask her she will get more mad. Sai tell do you know whom is she married to? Why does she keep saying my husband always? Virat tells I don’t know,earlier she used to be so happy. He tells Devyani isn’t married it’s all her thinking. Sai thinks to talk with Pulkit about this after returning from Ladakh.

Bhavani asks Pakhi if all preparations are done? Pakhi tells yes she has packed some sandwiches for Virat as he doesn’t want to eat outside food. Pakhi tells Virat has said we will return after finishing official work. Virat tells Bhavani the real reason of this trip is Samrat,Mansi bhua doesn’t even leave her room nowadays.

Bhavani tells what about Pakhi? She always keeps thinking about this house,so it is my duty to think about her,doesn’t she deserve a little happiness? If she enjoys the nature her mind will calm a little. Virat tells he is sorry but he has told Pakhi that he can’t travel after official work.

Pakhi tells your wife doesn’t like you going on this trip with me. Bhavani tells why did Sai take holiday from college today? Sonali tells you need to leave before 10 or you will miss the flight. Ninad tells her education is just a excuse to escape house work. Virat tells she is good,please don’t keep so much hatred for her. He tells Ninad not to doubt his understanding.

Ashwini tells Sai to come down fast. Sai comes down dressed beautifully in a saree. Bhavani tells what was the need to get ready? Ashwini tells she is looking so pretty. Virat smiles looking at her and tells she is really looking nice today. Sonali tells she has spent so much time in front of mirror today.

Ashwini tells Sai has already washed the utensils and prepared the breakfast as she is going out today. Bhavani asks Virat where is Sai going? Pakhi ask Virat why is asking Sai if she is ready? Virat says because she is also coming with us.

Ashwini says Sai is going on a trip with her husband for the first time. Ninad asks Virat didn’t you think it is important to inform us about this beforehand? Bhavani asks Virat why didn’t you tell us before? Ninad tells he has become like his wife and now he himself is insulting us.

Virat tells Sai is my wife and if she is coming with me how is it insulting anyone? Pakhi tells do you think I cannot do this official work alone? Mr Virat Chavan I can do this work alone,I don’t need your help. Sai asks why am I being blamed? I didn’t even want to go but Virat sir convinced me to come on this trip.

Pakhi asks Sai and you agreed? How much are you going to lie? Sai tells I am not lying. Pakhi tells you just wanted a reason to go on a trip with your husband. Sai tells I already told him,Pakhi won’t like me coming along with her. Virat tells Bhavani you told me there is no happiness in Pakhi’s life, she has been through a lot in her life but why didn’t any of you think so about Sai? Do you all think there is a lot of happiness in Sai’s life?

Virat tells Bhavani that Sai’s father died and she was forced to marry me. I am asking you doesn’t Sai deserve a little time away from all this tension to calm her mind a little. Ashwini tells Sai is this house’s daughter-in-law and she has equal right to be happy. Pakhi tells this trip was because of me and now I am cancelling this trip and she tears the tickets.
Everyone looks shocked at her.

Precap – Ashwini tells Virat that he has taken leave from his duty and Sai has leave from her college so why don’t they go somewhere for two days. Bhavani tells Pakhi that very soon Virat will be against Sai.