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Episode starts with Ashwini telling Bhavani that Sai is not irresponsible, she informed her. Bhavani says she should have called me, you are not the house head. Karishma assumes Sai has left the house for real. Sonali says she doesn’t want think about it and this time Virat is pissed off so he won’t go to take her back. Ashwini says you all should be happy that Sai is safe and with her closed ones. Sonali says Ashwini supports Sai blindly.

Sai recalls Virat’s words and gets upset. Other side Virat also recalls her words. Harini tells Sai to have food. Ashwini gives turmeric milk to Ninad. Ninad starts questioning why she doesnt care about Sai’s irresponsible behaviour. Ashwini says she has so many things to say but she won’t. Ashwini says to Ninad I should have asked same questions to you but the way I tolerated everything Sai won’t tolerate it. Ninad taunts her and says he is feeling like throwing the milk at her face. Ashwini says daughter in law like Sai is needed for this house to teach Bhavani and you lessons . He tells her to stay in limits else he will throw her out.

Virat longs for Sai. He thinks she should have called him for once. Virat gets Sunny’s calls. Sunny says he understood that Virat and Sai were having fight that’s why he made excuse and returned back from Chavan house. Ashwini comes to talk to Virat. Harini says Sai must be missing Virat. Sai tells her to sleep. She sends a sms to Virat saying he has taken her medicines or not.

Virat gets happy seeing her message. Ashwini says Sai still worries for Virat even after their fight. Ashwini tells Virat to call Sai in front of her. She teases him. Virat calls Sai but it says the phone is switched off. Virat gets angry and says the way Sai is not talking to him how will he able to sort out their issues and clear the misunderstanding. Ashwini says she is with Sai, her reaction was justifiable.

She tells Virat I knew about Pakhi and you from the start but I thought Sai will cope with it but she lost her patience. Virat says she is taking Sai’s side only. Ashwini tells Virat to realise the fact that Sai reacted like that means she cares about your actions. Ashwini almost says Sai started loving Virat but Pakhi enters in the meantime. Ashwini tells Pakhi that she finds chance to meet Virat always. Pakhi says she heard Virat needs fitness certificate for joining duty that’s why she wanted to go with him in the hospital.

Ashwini says Virat didn’t tell you about that, why you have to keep your eyes on Virat. There are others to take care of Virat in absence of Sai. I am here. You don’t need to worry. Pakhi says she just cares for Virat. Ashwini says will you care for Samrat in same way like how you care for Virat? Virat gets shocked and later he thanks Pakhi for her concern and then he says he will manage everything. She doesn’t need to worry. Ashwini
tells Pakhi to leave. Ashwini feels because of Pakhi’s evil eyes Sai and Virat are getting suffered.

Precap- Sunny tells Virat that Sai loves him.

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