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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Spoiler: Another challenge for Virat?

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Everyone in Chavan nivaas is waiting for Virat. Bhavani asks him is that letter true? Sonali asks Virat what you decided? Ashwini tells Pulkit loves Devyani. Virat tells Mohit to call Sai. Omar tells Virat to tell clearly why is he making Ninad and Bhavani wait? Mohit brings Sai,Virat tells it was Sai who brought Pulkit to this house after so many years. He tells I found out that Pulkit is a liar and whatever is written in that letter is true.

Sai thinks how is this possible. Flashback shows Virat checking Pulkit’s file where his spouse name is mentioned as Sangeeta Deshpande. Virat tells Sai that Pulkit is already married and his wife is Sangeeta Deshpande. Bhavani tells so finally the truth is out in front of everyone. She tells she knew it already that Pulkit is a fraud and now Pulkit and Devyani would never get married.

Ninad and Sonali praise Virat for finding out the truth so quickly. Ashwini tells she cannot believe that Pulkit will do anything like this. Pakhi tells Virat did proper investigation and found out the truth. Sai tells what is the prove that Virat is telling the truth? Virat asks do you want to tell I am lying? Sai tells no I am saying you may have misunderstood and how can you decide two people’s life based on a misunderstanding.

Sai asks Pakhi with what right does she speak in between a husband and wife? Bhavani tells with the right of being this family’s elder daughter-in-law. Sonali tells Sai won’t understand any of this because her mother left her after giving birth to her. Ashwini tells not to bring Sai’s parents in this matter. Ninad tells now she is standing in front of entire family for that Pulkit and she didn’t even think how difficult it would be to control Devyani after giving her so much expectations. Virat tells Pulkit and Devyani’s marriage won’t take place and he tells Sai I will give you the prove.

Virat shows everyone a picture of Pulkit’s file from college’s administration file and it clearly mentions his wife’s name as Sangeeta Deshpande. Sai recalls all this is a lie,I saw the file myself and his wife’s name was mentioned as Devyani Chavan. Virat tells her to give her the prove and he brought the picture as prove. Sai tells even she should have taken the documents picture.

Virat tells even I want to watch Devyani happy but Pulkit is a liar. He tells Sai that now Devyani and Pulkit would never be married. Devyani asks why can’t I be married? She tells why do you want to keep me away from my husband? Virat tells Devyani that Bhavani is right,Pulkit lied to you and Sai. Devyani tells Pulkit can’t lie he promised to marry me. Virat tells he is not a good person. Sai tells Devyani I will get you married even if Virat sir doesn’t want to get you married.

Virat asks Sai to stop lying. Devyani tells Pulkit cannot marry anyone else, he promised me in Shivmandir. Virat tells her to forget him because he broke her heart. Bhavani and Sai blame Sai for everything. Ashwini tells I cannot see her in this condition. Virat tells Pulkit lied even after finding Devyani’s condition and he made Devyani cry so now I will make him cry.